Smashing my new shoes down and a distracting workout



This is how you know that you needed fresh kicks:  you put one old one and one new one on and the new one makes you an inch taller.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to get out there tomorrow and start smashing the new ones down.

Today I hit the track for a few, or perhaps a lot of 400s.


I may or may not have circled it a few times.

Like 20.

Believe me, this wasn’t a speed workout;  it was more of a stamina workout.  You know, the kind where you train yourself to keep going even when you feel like you might veer right on out of homeostasis at any moment.


You do 20 400s at between half marathon and 10k pace, and take 100 meter jogs between each one.  So you get give miles of faster running in, most of those miles at a pace faster than you would run in a half mary.

I was pleased with a 7:02 average, as my current 5K pace is 6:50ish.  (I did not record my 100 meter jogs.)

I enjoy doing a few workouts a week because it gets me out of my head and lands me squarely into the moment and the task at hand.

I tend to freak myself out a little bit by having fleeting thoughts about heavy life questions, so running a workout that requires you to stay focused on the moment was a welcome distraction today.

For example, I have been internally having mini panic moments about the boys, the fact that they are becoming men far too quickly for my liking.  When these panicky thoughts creep in, I sort of go back through the my mental parenting files and question everything that I did, every decision that I made up until this very moment when I am standing at the sink washing dishes and glancing hesitantly over at the college brochures lying on the counter.  (I feel fairly confident about the way things are turning out, but there is always doubt…)

It’s just so final when they grow up and don’t need you anymore except for car rides cash.  And the occasional pep talk.

You cannot go back.  You have to move forward and smile and high five them and go get yourself a distracting hobby.

Thank goodness for running.


And if you want to change your thoughts, go the track and run around it 20 times as fast as you can.

Have a great day!

It’s mill time

A good sign of a productive week is an upside down house.  All it takes is a few more things on the to-do list to make our abode look like someone actually picked it, shook it around, and let everything fall where it may. 


To that end, I woke up super early and ran on the mill in order to squeeze in a little cleanup-around-the-house time today.  When I ran the sun wasn’t out yet;  in fact, it wasn’t even thinking about being out.

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