Fragrant hills and getting after it

All the running continues over here in these parts.  The wildflowers up in the hills are spectacular and fragrant;  definitely worth the climbing. I went down and had lunch with MFP this week at the commissary on the studio lot, mostly because we needed to get our health screenings.  I don’t usually stray too far from home on the weekdays, since I can only work when the boys are away at school. Anyway, I am pleased to report that his company offers preventive health incentives,…

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Savoring the track life

Zelda wants so desperately to go outside.  She sits in the window, in Charlie’s chair no less, and stares at birds. Poor kitten.  She won’t be going outside, like ever.  Coyotes don’t you know. Meanwhile I am nursing a big of fatigue induced by track season.  I spent about 14 hours at the track on Saturday.  The Mt. Sac Relays were phenomenal.  We  saw Allyson Felix run the 4 x400 (I decided that race kits get skimpier and skimpier as you move up the ranks…

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The things that you should do but don’t do

I don’t know how I feel about buying brand new pants with big hole in them.  When the boys were little I literally wore out the knees in all of my jeans from playing around on rugs with toddlers. Now I pay for holes?  Seriously. Now it’s all about finding a pair of pants that fit my runner’s physique:  small waist, big calves, strong thighs.  It’s really not an easy task. Also I hate hate hate hate to shop.  MFP knows that about me.  So…

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