Complete thoughts are totally overrated


So if I had to go back to last week and try to recall the last coherent thought that I’ve had, it was definitely while at dinner with my running girlfriends.  Even after we’d devoured a few bottles of Spanish wine. After that night, my in-laws arrived and we simultaneously went into the big CIF Finals meet, which would end this glorious cross country season in which my freshman boy and my senior boy ran together on Varsity and pushed themselves to significant PRs. The…

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A lap perch and a change in shoe drop


As soon as I walk through the door from my run each morning, Zelda chases me around until I finally sit still long enough for her to perch on my lap.  It’s not a very nice lap,  as it is slightly narrow and made worse by all of the mileage I put in. (#runnerproblem) For this reason, Buster, our lovely cat who passed away last year, always preferred MFP over me and my narrow lap. But this cat is more like me;  she thrives on…

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Not ready for inspiration or a conversation


I have a very hard time with inspirational Instagram at dawn’s first light.  Perhaps it is because I am a left coaster and I haven’t shed the sleep from my eye by the time the other coast has had their coffee and their morning run. I usually see tons of those posts where they split the screen, and one side is their Garmin stats and the other is their smiling face, all red and sweaty and delightfully 28. Yes, that’s what I see.  Either that…

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