I do this stuff so you don’t have to


(Recent stock of fuel) Back in July I suffered quite a bit while I was in Mammoth training with the high school cross country team.  I was crippled by a severe bout of fatigue afterward, which resulted in multiple eye infections (who knows why this stuff happens to me?). Though my stomach felt okay, at the end of my runs for weeks following that trip,  I felt  like I needed to grit my teeth and suck in air to finish my mileage.  And believe me, I was…

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What the heck is going on…and other distracting thoughts


So Charlie still wants to know what the heck is going on with this little cat running around his territory, jumping out at him from every piece of furniture.  You didn’t know he stood up occasionally?  Yes, well, I have strange pets. We still haven’t introduced them properly, as we are waiting for their moods to line up.  It could take a while. Meanwhile Zelda is crazy-attached to me;  I guess she is latching on to the only bit  of estrogen in this house.  …

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Fear and self-doubt: training roundup


As I headed out yesterday morning for my last long run before the Santa Clarita Half Marathon next Sunday, all of the doubts began to creep in. Tapering for a half is difficult for me;  I usually do fairly well at the distance with no taper at all. But I have been training pretty hard for this one as a pre-build-up for my winter marathon, so I don’t want to take any chances by toeing the line with fatigue in my legs. Though a fast…

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