Cursing mommy and what’s your excuse?


We are sort of moving out of the college admissions doldrums a bit around here, and I am trying my best to find humor where I can.  We have two schools left to hear from, but it looks like so far Oldest has been wait listed at two “target” schools, rejected from all of his “reach” schools, and gotten into most of his “safety” schools.  He should hear this week about two more reaches, but it is not looking good. Long story short, he hasn’t…

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Getting out the door


Thank goodness for trails and friends, people.  Getting out the door to run is truly helping me survive this crazy week. In regards to the college application process, I should probably write a post detailing out the hard lessons that we have learned.  It’s difficult to describe succinctly why this period of time is having such a deleterious effect on our outlook. So anyway, running.   I’m trying. Last week: Miles:  66 Speed:  1/1 on/off, 20 minute tempo Tempo intervals:  3 x 1 mile with 3…

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When running just seems stupid


Warning:  this is a real post.  I don’t have it in me right now to write a frivolous post. In my last post I expressed my feelings a bit on what it feels like to go through the college application/decision situation, especially as it relates to our family’s finances. Yesterday was a particularly hard day, as while we are coming to terms with the enormous cost of our son’s education, we are also steadying ourselves for the possibility that he will be rejected from the…

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