Some pre-marathon meltdowns and a control freak


First of all, let’s get the running misery out of the way. I HATE TO RUN! I hate all of my running shoes. I am bloated.  I am sluggish. Did I mention that I hate to run? Deep breath.  I do hate all of my running shoes.  The ones pictured above, the Nike Elite 7’s are too firm for the marathon, and I really had my hopes set on them to bring me across the finish line with a shiny new PR. Plus they are…

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Filling up the tank and putting in the hard work


I finally bit the bullet and made overnight steel cut oats yesterday.  I know.  I know.  I’m so far behind the healthy living blogging trends. Because my appetite has been so out of control during this taper, I am trying to fill my stomach with healthy foods to try to dissuade it from wanting all the cake. And that includes a substantial, fiber-filled breakfast, though it hasn’t stopped me from being ravenous after my short runs. (Katie and I tried these shakes out post-run the…

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Checking off my to-do list


Like everyone and their brothers, I hate the taper, though I won’t bore you with tales of being bloated and a bit manic. Instead, I will share with you a few pictures of what I’ve been doing now that I’m not running 24/7 trying to reach my 80 mpw goal every week. I finally replaced my favorite lipstick with a similar one.  (It was discontinued a while ago.)  This is one of those errands I did not feel like doing, so I just wore Chapstick…

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