Marathon training insanity


This was the exact spot where I was standing on an out and back run a few days when I bonked. Hard. I wanted to cry and call someone to come pick me up.  I was toast.  Fried. I pushed myself to finish a high mileage week while still taking care of business in my real life and it absolutely took every ounce of energy out of me. I have been trying to do the sort of workouts that you are supposed to do as…

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That which inspires cussing


I hate to admit this, but I yelled out a terrible cuss word at 4 a.m. two nights ago when Zelda inexplicably bit into my toe as I slept.  Though I didn’t remember it when I woke up;  unfortunately, Youngest did. He crawled into bed with me Saturday morning, snuggled up to me and said, “I heard you scream a horrible cuss word a few hours ago…” “How did you hear that from down the hall…did it wake you up?” “Yes!” Indeed, I am ashamed…

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A little annoyed and a pleasure read


I am just checking in, from my place in line here at Big Lots to tell you a few things that I keep forgetting to share.  (I am only in line at Big Lots in spirit.) I really can’t with the pyramid scheme workout club.  I won’t mention any names, because I genuinely like and admire a few of these ladies.  Really.  But I do not want to see anymore videos of them in my Instagram feed doing workouts in their living rooms. The reason…

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