He did it!

by Rebecca on April 22, 2014


When we set our goals for the New Year back at the dinner table in December, Oldest threw out a couple of things that sounded half-hearted in nature, as teenage boys tend to sound much of the time.

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Off of my routine and a panting dog

by Rebecca on April 21, 2014


I took my cheapo sunglasses (did I tell you I lost my “good” sunglasses in the LA Marathon?) out for a Marathon Monday 20-miler in honor of Boston.

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Run on my humble friends

by Rebecca on April 18, 2014

I let the errands and chores slide a bit this week when I had the opportunity to catch up with both of my best friends who live on the other side of the country.

Sometimes we don’t for weeks, sometimes we talk every other day.  It really depends on what’s going on or what we’re going through.

A common topic that we discuss is re-entry into the work place after staying at home with kids for over a decade, and how utterly crippling starting from scratch feels.

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A few weird things and a killer track workout

by Rebecca on April 17, 2014

So strange things have been happening around here lately.


It all started the other day when Charlie became obsessed with the baseboards.  He was running around in circles and barking at nothing.   It was so weird, like he was on a hallucinogenic drug or something.  Is there a doggie dealer that comes out to the suburbs and poisons our dogs while we are at work?

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Looking back to Boston 2013 #bostonstrong

by Rebecca on April 15, 2014


My  buddy Tonya and I,  who also happens to be my best friend since 7th grade (along with Kim who was not able to make the trip)

Most of you know that last year I ran the Boston Marathon.  To look back on the events of that day feels quite surreal.

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Yes, that is a composting bin in the background

I really need to get it together with this marathon training stuff, so I figured that writing about my training might force me to come to terms with how pathetic this cycle seems plan-wise.

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A dog, a weird dude and a pair of trail shoes

April 11, 2014

I have three track meets lined up between today and tomorrow, but before I take off and live the next two days inside the red oval, I have a few things I want to share.

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A ride on the pain train

April 10, 2014

(Selfie while hiding huge zit on chin) I took my brand new, massive zit out for a ride today on the pain train.

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Trying hard to be a try-hard

April 8, 2014

(Trying hard) I spent a good part of my college years waiting on tables, and I thought, as I graduated from that time of my life, that everyone should be required to do so at least for a while, before they are allowed to eat at restaurants.

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Friday Favorites

April 4, 2014

Some days I wake up looking for inspiration and motivation;  others, I can barely stand it.  Today it was the latter. I did not want to see a single meme telling me that I was not hardcore if I did not run.  The truth is, today I needed to just be in my life without […]

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