Hoka One One Middle Distance Classic

Because I am so overwhelmed right now that I am kind of pissy that Zelda and Charlie can’t pick up some slack around the house, I am just now posting the pictures from the Hoka One One Middle Distance Classic last Thursday night. This meet is formerly known as the Oxy High Performance meet, back before Hoka signed on.  Which is funny because you would think that a shoe company that mainly outfits ultramarathoners would have no business at a middle distance meet where the…

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Miles on the mill and a gigantic Snicker’s bar

When life gets busy, there’s nothing like a treadmill to keep you running strong.  Because we are trying to survive an extremely busy month, I have been jumping on mine at least once a week to get in a few miles. I love the fact that I can get my miles in, shower, and be back to work in an hour.  Of course, I prefer outside running, and when I’m training for a big race, I try to avoid the treadmill altogether.  Running outside in…

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Post-run nutrition and last week’s training

I always bring some sort of recovery food with me on my run so that I can get in some nutrition during that crucial first 30 minutes afterward.  For a while it was chocolate milk, perhaps a Picky bar.  And then my grocery bill began to go up and up and up with the boys running all of their calories off on the red oval every day.  So then it became a granola bar or anything else I could grab on my way out the…

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