A Spring in My Step

I woke up with  so much energy today, and I couldn’t wait to get outside for a nice, fast 6-miler.


It was 67 degrees when I arrived here:


I get depressed about living in California sometimes (I’m from South Carolina originally) because it’s so expensive and crowded.  But on days like today, it’s easy to fall in love with the weather and the environment.


I ran 6.24 miles in 51:42 minutes, or about an 8:16 pace mile.  My legs felt great.  For the past three days I have been suffering through a migraine headache, and overall I have felt blah for about a month, catching two colds along the way.  After reading this blog, I decided to check out this book to get me out of my rut:


I have been inspired to at least base my general meals on his plan.  I have moved away from whole foods lately due to my half-marathon training, because my hunger drove me to grab any food lying around without considering nutrition (i.e. tons of bread).

I am a vegetarian, and I do eat well overall already, but I am a believer in listening to your body, and this time I definitely feel like I need to do something different to regain my normal energy level.  Specifically, I will be adding more healthy fats to my meals.


I bought this coconut oil at my favorite grocery store, paying far less than the $7 or $8 dollars charged at most health grocers.

After my run I stopped by this store to pick up some peas and lentils and a few things with which I am going to make my middle son a batch of cookies today (he’s coming home from camp).


I had never visited this market before, but the prices seemed competitive.   I expected to see more healthy food, but noticed tons of junk food as well.  I think it’s hard to make healthy choices when the junk food is still front and center.

As far as Brendan Brazier’s Thrive, I have only read about half of the book so far.   I was inspired to make a hemp protein smoothie yesterday, a super healthy dinner last night (sweet potato with spinach, white beans and avocado), and another smoothie this morning (avocado, banana, spinach, hemp protein and ground flaxseeds).

I have noticed feeling more awake, my headache has dissipated, and my legs felt energetic while running today.  I sure hope this continues. 

I’ll keep you posted.


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