Going Outside and Debunking Myths


Yes, this magazine is eye candy and MFP has started to stand up taller and suck in his stomach since it arrived in the mail yesterday, one of about 20 magazines we ordered in lieu of plane tickets from one of our credit card companies.

I haven’t read Outside since I was in college and fancied myself the “outdoorsy” type, which basically meant that I didn’t want to blow-dry and style my hair on a daily basis.

I tend to love the reverse psychology approach to exercise, so I was thrilled to read “The Ten Biggest Fitness Myths” in the January 2012 issue.

I’ll sum it up for you, not because I am trying to get you to go spend your hard-earned money on a hard-copy of the magazine, but because I am too lazy to do anything more than bullet points today. Or you can read the article in it’s entirety here.

1. Stop Your Static Stretching I never stretch before a run because I am always anxious to get started.  I do stretch my calves, quads and hips afterward, though.

2.  Barefoot Running is Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be  This is good for me because my forefoot is always sore after a run, even when I wear cushioned trainers.

3.  You Don’t Need to Get Crazy on the Core  I am fickle about core work if it cuts into my running time.  You get good core training from other exercises like squats, etc.  Too bad I don’t do those consistently either.  Hmmm.

4.  Electrolytes and Water Don’t Always Cure Cramps  Sometimes we cramp for other reasons besides potassium deficiency.  I am not a big cramper.  Thank goodness.

5.  Popping Advil Doesn’t Help With Recovery  I thought Ibuprofen was just supposed to help us get through the marathon anyway, not help us to be less sore afterward.  In fact, I do take it and am always really sore afterward.  No surprise there.

6.  Dehydration Doesn’t Really Hurt Performance That Much  This is good news for when I hide water bottles for myself around the neighborhood, and then during the stupor of a long run, I forget where I put them.

7.  Ice Baths Don’t Speed Recovery  For me they seem to.  I don’t agree.  But I don’t take them after a run in cold weather anyway.  I prefer epsom salt baths in warm water.

8.  Long and Slow Runs Don’t Burn as Many Calories  Duh.  Fast running always makes me hungrier, even if it’s half the distance of a long run.  I love this line, “We’ve become a nation of exercise wimps,” says David Nieman a professor in the Human Peformance Laboratory at Appalachian State University in N.C.  “Too many people don’t bother or are afraid of exercising hard.  But intensity is probably the only way to lose weight with exercise.” (source)

9.  HFCS is Okay  I hate hfcs and would like it to be my job to make it illegal to give to children, but apparently when you take it in a 2:1 ratio with glucose, it’s okay and even ideal.

10. Popping Vitamins Does Not Always Help You Perform Better  That’s good because I hate taking horse pills.  Why can’t they make them smaller?

Finally, I leave you with another great quote from this issue, taken from a fabulous article on the Ironman World Championships in Kona by author Elizabeth Weil:

The event is filled with unlikely apostles:  mothers of young children, three-limbed amputees, octogenarians, all ticking Kona off of their otherwise divergent buckets lists because of a fascination for what’s difficult.  Because marathons have been ruined by people who think it’s fine to walk.  Because life is too easy and Everest is too far way.

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