I’m Stumped. Help.

Every day I find interesting articles while looking around, and today was no exception.

I am sharing these with you because both of them stumped me.  I cannot gather a single rebuttal or response from myself. 

I even thought about both of them on my run today, trying to play both devil’s advocate and groupie at the same time.

Neither worked.

So I pass these on to you.

First of all we have an article from The Wall Street Journal by Pamela Druckerman, praising French parents for being better than American parents at disciplining their children.


Read it here:  Why French Parents Are Superior

Next, we have a blog post from a career coach about how harmful divorce is to children. 



Read it here:  Divorce is immature and selfish.  Don’t do it.

Thoughts on either of these?


  1. Barb says

    Ok, here I am again attempting to respond…I had issues previously! I briefly read the divorce article, and I think it is somewhat true that couples should do as much as possible to preserve their marriage — I believe that people give up too quickly, and sometimes through the challenging parts of marriage come closeness and intimacy that may not be achieved otherwise…yeah, I’m pollyanna! But I do believe in the institution, so what can I say? I came from a divorced and subsequently rebuilt family, which clearly affects my opinion…my father married my step mom when I was 9…and it became clear to me early on that both my dad and stepmom placed their marriage in first position…which I believe is the result of both surviving failed marriages…who wants to go through that again? As a result, the children who were brought together through this marriage were negatively affected — I didn’t feel that I was adequately supported by my step mom when I was young. Her interests lied with her own children, somewhat understandably. The other observation I have is that (in most cases) the parent through marriage just cannot be as vested in the child as the actual parent…I look at my marriage, and although we sometimes differ in our thinking, I really believe we are both equally focused on our children…and I believe this is impaired in families brought together through marriage. Just my thoughts…I enjoy your posts like this one!

    • Rebecca says

      This is a challenging topic. She was definitely bold for putting it out there like that! But I do love hearing what people think about this topic, so I really appreciate your response, particularly because you have experience growing up with divorced parents.

  2. Barb says

    Ok…I’m on a roll! Read the first part of the frenchie article very quickly…I think us Americans (as I’ve watched the Argentineans, given that my hubby is of that descent) are quite helicoptery…remind me to tell you the story about some parenting advice Steve and I recently were given, and the effects of such. And although I’m not an expert in the way of the french, I have to believe that their lifestyle in many cases is very different than the typical American lifestyle…more relaxed, greater government impact…which seemingly would impact how they live in general…
    I liked both articles, thanks for sharing them!

    • Rebecca says

      Yeah, I agree about the different lifestyle. Less TV, less junk food might help them. Can’t wait to hear about the advice you were given!

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