5 thoughts on “Lighting a fire”

    1. It was around 18:30. Still thirty seconds slower than last year at this race, though they did change the course a bit. I think he is likely to keep getting faster each week, whereas last year he peaked halfway through the season, so we’ll see…

    1. John — I have him wearing the Kinvara, but he is still tearing up the heel. I am working on getting him to run with better posture, hoping that he would naturally stop all that heel striking. I think he has to work on holding his head up as well. Of course he listens to about 50 % to what I say…I do think he would run faster if he landed more forward on his foot though.

      1. does he just heel strike under pressure? slow him down if you can and watch what happens. having said all that there are many good heel strikers if you know what i mean

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