#Operation cleanout has begun


Charlie and I got left behind this weekend, as the boys went off to make camping food up on the mountainside.

As a requirement for one of the clubs he belongs to, Middle had to plan, shop for and cook all the meals on a campout.  Though his brothers normally love to all work together nicely, this time they couldn’t. 


So while the boys left to eat sausage, trail mix and instant oatmeal, I stayed home and commenced #Operation Cleanout with Chars. 



I painfully extracted many books from Youngest’s book shelf that he’s read a million times and are now just gathering dust.

I now have to move them out of the house quickly, because he will sit and go through each bag and tell me fifty reasons he needs to keep “this one.”

But I’m trying to be strong, which is not easy since I am the one who made him into a book nerd in the first place.


Which became even more obvious when he walked in the door from the camping trip like a robot, book in hand, and plopped down onto the sofa to finish his chapter.

In fact, he was so engrossed in the book that he walked right past the bags of books without even noticing them.

Now to get them out to the garage before he finishes…


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