He has taken over my role, thank goodness


I needed a breakfast of champions this morning to get myself back into training mode:  a spinach smoothie, coffee and a waffle with p.b. and agave.

I’m determined to run at least six days this week to keep my head on straight and my contrarian tendencies under control.

Fortunately Charlie has taken over my job as the employment-hunting support person.


He sits beside MFP’s desk to offer him a quiet companion while he sends resumes and makes phone calls, the best kind.


Sometimes I catch him running his mouth about which studio he thinks is best.


Generally I don’t reprimand him though, because he is always apologizes profusely when he realizes he has made a mistake.


And since Chars has my job under control, I am focusing more on cooking loads of carbohydrates, like big pots of spaghetti.

Because we all know that the only difference between an angry person and an unemployed person is hunger.

For more on today’s run, visit My Training.


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