Windows 8? What?



A few weeks ago I purchased a new laptop knowing full well that I would be inducted into the world of Windows 8 whether I liked it or not.

I have been working exclusively on Macs for many years, save the last two, when I went the way of the PC out of necessity.  (For many reasons, many of us who blog have switched in recent years.  Applause to those of you who have been faithful to Apple.)

You may be wondering why I am broaching this subject at all.  Obviously I am a dumb running blogger and part-time reading nerd, so why shouldn’t I just stick to those subjects?

I will tell you why:  you need a computer to read race reports.  Duh.

Initially I was thrilled with the concept of Microsoft’s new operating system that promised to make my life better and life easier (at least I interpreted this from the commercials that played over and over again during the USC vs. Notre Dame football game).


I was so frustrated with using Windows 8 on a non-touchscreen laptop that I risked getting fried at Fry’s electronics to turn it back in.

Here is why I did not like it:

1)  The sharing capabilities of the program are useless to me, as all of my other computer products are Apple (desktop computer, iPhone).

2)  The system is best utilized by having a touchscreen.  If you don’t have one, you will simply be frustrated as you jump from program to program by accidentally swiping your mouse.  (The swipe feature can be turned off but until you get rid of it the simplest of tasks will become a wild ride.)

3)  I just want to go to the freaking desktop!  (I spent so much time trying to get back to where I started.  There is no way to just open your laptop and automatically be at the desktop.)

4)  A driver to make my computer compatible with my printer is not available.  Are you kidding?  I have to buy a new printer?  No way.  (We bought a new one a few months ago and it actually works!)


So back over to Fry’s I went, my HP Envy 4  in tow.


“I need a computer that talks to my printer.”  That was my answer to the obvious question.

In my price range, two computers fit the bill.

I wanted:

  • Intel Core i5 or better
  • 6 GB Ram
  • Windows 7
  • 15 ” screen
  • Comfortable keyboard

One was out of stock.  The other was a display computer without a battery.

The only other option was to purchase another Windows 8 computer and pay $100 to downgrade back to Windows 7.


I got my money back, went home and ordered this little baby:


The Sony Vaio E series with Windows 7.  The last one I could find that wasn’t used. (Fry’s had this model on display but did not have anymore in stock.)

I should receive it within a few days.

I found a review of Windows 8 in a PC World that I picked up at the library yesterday which was very useful, and also confirmed my initial impressions.

In short, if you do not have a PC desktop, tablet or Android;  and if you do not have a touchscreen laptop, I do not recommend Windows 8.  And if you are planning on purchasing a PC laptop in the near future without this new operating system, I suggest you try to find one with Windows 7 soon, or risk paying the “downgrade” fee.

Now go back to reading race reports, and I’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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