The nuthouse and my tea


Congratulations to you and yours, if having a sane holiday experience is your thing.

It is not ours, really.

You see, MFP earns his name during this time of year;  the season tends to bring out his fussy side.

Last year I remember thinking that shipping him to his parents for Christmas might be the best solution to avoid this phenomenon.

But then I forgot, because once the holidays were safely behind us, the fussiness subsided. (I won’t forget next year!)

I apologize in advance to the people who will be responsible for meeting his completely unrealistic expectations during #Holidays 2013. 

Good luck!

Meanwhile, I have a few exciting things to report.


Oldest, Middle and I make the dangerous trek over to Costco to buy a gift for a special someone the other day.  We got out of the car and paused for a moment,  uncertain if we  were prepared for the battle ahead.

“We’re going in!”  I reassured them.  “We can do this.”


The special someone is Charlie. 

You see, he has a problem.  He prefers to sleep on the only piece of furniture in the house that is off-limits.




So, we braved the crowds at Costco to buy him a bed that rivals the forbidden furniture in comfort and plushness.

I cannot wait to give it to him.


In other news, I am happy to report that many of America’s favorite foods are now being made without high fructose corn syrup.

I found out today when I went over to Target (I hate Target!) because I was desperate to spend some time away from my house and the fussiness therein.  Since I didn’t really need to shop, I spent some time reading food labels.

Exciting stuff.


I also found that there is a tea that might meet my holiday needs.


Of course, if this holiday fussiness continues through the New Year, you will not find me ashamed to spike it with some whiskey.

What?  We’re all friends here.  And I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not the only one who has to cope with a fussy spouse during the holidays.  Pleeeaase. 


And lastly.  I found this picture on my phone today.  A woman running.  Yes, it is me. Was me.

I am not running right now.  I need a few days off.  My legs are tired, and I want to gain a few pounds.  I weigh less right now than I did during marathon training last summer. 

I do not want to go in to a training cycle underweight (for me—I know a lot of runners who weigh less than I do but I am not comfortable going there) with sore legs.  The truth is, I think I overdid the strength training. I must investigate the reason my glutes and hamstrings have been constantly sore (for months) from a few squats and lunges, when I used to be able to do tons of weight machines without any such side effects.  I have a hunch it has to do with “being on my feet”  too much.  I don’t know.  Input is welcome.

So far the break has been good.  I have had all of the phantom pains of a taper.  In fact, yesterday I felt like I had stress fracture in my quad, but today it feels fine.  It is all a part of healing up.

So I will heal up the sore gams, and be ready to take on Boston training in (sort of) full force next week.  I will talk more about the loose plan in a future post.

And in the meantime, I will drink lots of tea and smile through sometimes-clinched teeth.

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