A trip to the civilized world


We got all crazy and joined MFP on his commute across town yesterday, so bored were we of each other and our monotonous suburban streets.


After we dropped him off, we went straight to get food.  We chose Daphne’s california greek, which we determined is not for runners.  All of us were still starving after inhaling out plates of healthy Greek fare. (The food was quite delicious, and the vegetarian plate was to die for.  I can’t stop thinking about it a day later…)


We were forced to order a few cookies, to, you know, top off our calorie needs.



Afterwards, we found a huge set of stairs to walk up.  (It was so L.A. of us to incorporate exercise into our adventure.)




Cold, windy hikes are not my cup of tea.




We invaded the studio and waited patiently for MFP in the lobby.



As the sun went down, and the shadows replaced the harsh California light,  I stole away to MFP’s corner office and worked on his laptop for a bit.

After a few quiet moments, when I collected my thoughts and miraculously completed two tasks in a row without interruption, I said to him, “You have a good deal here, being the breadwinner.”

He smiled and said, “Yes, I know.  I think of that every single day…”

And then we wrangled the three jumpy boys and made our way up the hill as I silently schemed to someday get a gig as seemingly civilized as MFP’s.

P.S.  I updated My Training.

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