Stir crazy and strange gifts


Though the winter break is nice, along with it comes a bit of family togetherness fatigue.  You know what I mean.

We get tired of each other.  The kids begin to argue over silly things like “I bet I can make a better mask out of my silly putty than you can…”

But we have been desperately trying to keep them otherwise occupied so that they do not drive us mad with their nonsense.


Yesterday we made an enormous batch of gingerbread cookies.  We had a contest to see who could make the best “Charlie.”  This was MFP’s.  Sadly, he was a little charred around the edges.

We also tried to get the kids involved with our latest project:  kombucha brewing.


MFP bought me a kombucha starter kit for Christmas so that I would stop spending $3 a pop on bottles of it at Whole Foods.  Though I was quite excited about the prospect of having my own kombucha stash, I was actually too afraid of this bagged scoby to get too involved;  I made him do it.

“You are the hippie around here, Rebecca.  I thought you would be all over this…”

“Yeah, it’s just that that thing looks too much like a human organ.  Not touching it…”


After a few hours we had it all ready to ferment in this gallon jar.  Eight days from now I will be ready to bottle my first batch!

Kombucha wasn’t the only brilliant gift that MFP got me for Christmas:


He also bought a gym mat for our family, so that we could squat and lunge without killing our knees on the tile floor.  I had no idea you could purchase such a thing for a home. (They sure don’t mention these mats in Good Housekeeping.)

But that wasn’t all.  He bought me a few running things, some of which are more of a gift for you than me.  That is because I am sure all of you are tired of seeing my purple sports bra, my magenta Nike singlet and my RRS short shorts.  I feel your pain.


We found these high-impact sports bras at Old Navy for $10 each when you buy two.  I am very, very pleased with the performance so far (I have worn them on every run since Christmas), though I don’t know what kind of life-span they will have.

Overall this whole holiday season has been its own sort of adventure, having been kicked off with a sudden job loss, it seems to be ending on a higher note.

Now if I can just get the kids to get along 24/7, we would be ready to start off the New Year like a proper family who never argues and enjoys every waking moment together.

Between a few big swigs of kombucha.

I updated My Training!

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