Here’s to another one, ya’ll


Seeing a rainbow at the close of the year seems like a pretty good sign that good things are just around the corner, right?

I won’t do the obligatory “looking back” post, since there are a few things that I’d rather not remember.

Case in point, when this happened in Boston, Massachusetts on Patriot’s Day.

But then, I do want to remember this amazing day, so there’s that.

And then, let us forget one of the worst races of my life.

But not before we remember a 5K personal record that I set my mind to after that failure.

And I must at least acknowledge the fact that my legs ran 2, 928 miles in 2012.  Crazy.

I am approaching 2013 with renewed vigor, using both the highs and lows as my ammunition to become a better mother, friend, runner and blogger.

I want to accomplish a lot next year.  A lot. 

But at the top of my list is being a better mother.  I want to be more patient, more understanding, more inspiring, more encouraging and more present.

Though I would love to say that my boys have never seen me lose my cool, I would be lying.  I am not perfect.  But I try my best every single day.  And they know it, for they witness the struggle. 

I do not give up on myself and I do not give up on them.

So on that note,  here’s to another productive year, both as a runner and as a mother!


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