Is any of this stuff cool?


Do you ever wonder what your kids are going to think of you when they are older?  (You get snippets of what they are thinking when they are teenagers because their lips become a bit looser, but you really have no idea how it will all turn out in the end.)  Like if they will want to be like you, or not be like you at all.

For example, today MFP and I were dying to go down to the Hammer Museum in Westwood because we wanted to see an exhibit on graphic design.

“But I hate museums!” Youngest said immediately.

“Which one is this one again?” asked Oldest a bit glazed over from the years.

In any case, the above photo is one I shot during this exciting family adventure, which will probably serve to help my kids remember what nerds their parents are later in life when they have to choose between doing something cool and walking around in a white-walled room with sparse photos while guards watch their every move.

“Yeah, my parents made me go to those cold, weird places when I was young.  Now I’d rather not.”


Some of the displays were interactive like this one;  you voted on whether or not the new logo was an improvement.




We totally geeked out on photography, branding and design while the kids looked on. 


Before we left, we stopped into this exhibit by Chinese artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu.  (This guy isn’t real.)


Neither is this eye.  This exhibit served as their comment on war. 

So anyway.  We came home and made cookies because that seemed a bit more kid friendly.



And then I proceeded on to my puzzle.


I am putting together the most frustrating Jefferson Memorial puzzle known to man.


So you see, I am making my bed so to speak regarding what kind of mom my kids will remember me to be:  she wakes up and runs around the track for 9 miles, goes to a graphic design exhibits “for fun,” and then puts together a frustrating puzzle of the Jefferson Memorial.

We can all see where this is headed. 


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