Wipe that grin off of your sweaty face


I suppose I earned the nickname of “crazy running lady” over at the track this morning because I ran 9 miles around and around without stopping.

At this point in marathon training, which really hasn’t officially started yet since I am supposed to be resting until Saturday when I will be allowed to rest some more, I am just trying to build up my lungs.

I don’t know why, but I have been super-motivated to kick-start my endurance training.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the Long Beach Marathon kicked my a$$, made me cry and then laughed at me as I hobbled away from the finish line towards my car.

“Take that ‘crazy running lady.’  Go home and don’t come back again ‘til you are serious about this 26.2 thing!”

Besides simply building up my aerobic capacity with a little pick-up action thrown in for good measure, I have also incorporated another new strategy into my training.


I am calling it “finish strong,” which is completely original and innovative, I know.

At the end of a workout, I try to either pick up my speed or run up a hill.  You know, to induce that feeling of needing to vomit;  an effort by me to simulate what finishing a race is like.


The goal is to wipe the stupid, “I-just-worked-out” grin off of my face.  And also to make my hair come out of my non-sparkly-cheap-drugstore-bought head band.

So far, all of these techniques are working wonders.

Watch and learn.

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