Ready to roll and some discoveries


Yesterday’s run fail sent me in search of carbs yesterday, as I have faced the fact that teaching my body how to burn fat for fuel is a lost cause.


I admire those runners who stubbornly stick to fats and gluten-free grains for their running energy.  Me?  I prefer the day-old bread rack over at Fresh n Easy.


Besides, how would I explain to the kids that they cannot eat because mommy spent the food budget on millet bread and spirulina?  (I admire people who stick to this sort of diet, but it just doesn’t work for me.)

After I was fueled up properly, I immediately went back to my stupid puzzle.


No matter what I eat, it continues to frustrate me. Perhaps it is because I have always have jumpy boys all round me?

I woke up today ready to roll again despite yesterday’s pathetic long-turned-short-run.


I sure was glad I made it out the door, because I discovered that one of my favorite houses is up for sale.  Hopefully it will stay on the market for 10 years so that I can save up enough money to buy it.

I ran six miles slowly in an effort to loosen up my tight gams.  Tomorrow I hope to rest unless familial stress sends me running for the hills again.


Besides the house that I want to someday buy,  I also discovered today that my thighs sweat profusely when the rest of my body is covered up. 

(I’m sure you are glad that I shared that with you.)

So now if you will excuse me, I have a puzzle to complete.

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