Fueling marathon training: Week 1


Nutrition is back at the forefront of my mind after an over-indulgent and restful holiday break.

Other than getting to the point where I was trying to force down cold quinoa with peanut butter and jam, I also realized that my longer runs were suffering due to my relatively sparse consumption of macronutrients of late.

Immediately after my first failed long run of the marathon season, I began to increase my intake of carbohydrate which seemed to help instantaneously.  However, due our new upside down schedule, I have gotten into the bad habit of skimping on dinner each night as well. 

“You need to take care of yourself too, Rebecca,” MFP scolded me after my failure to make it past 11 miles the other day. 

So yesterday I stocked up on vegetarian foods sure to fuel my ambitious training plan.

I began by buying an enormous jar of Energy Blend, pictured above, which I have already been consuming by the handfuls.  (I always have great intentions with nuts, but almonds alone have not been cutting it lately.)


I picked up a batch of this noodle stir-fry which served me well during my last training cycle.


After years of eating veggie burgers, I was pleasantly surprised to find a new flavor available, as all of the others take like cardboard to me by now.  Plus, I always hated that the original Garden Burgers were basically cheese and brown rice made into a burger-like shape. 


In addition, I found this quinoa salad (at Costco) which I served to one of MFP’s college buddies who stopped by for dinner last night.  If I ever get it together, I hope to replicate this at some point.  (It essentially tasted like tabouleh.)

And finally, though I love quinoa with vegetables, I found something much more palatable for breakfast.


A massive bag of Bob’s Muesli at Costco.  I heat a bit up with some boiling water and then poured some vanilla soy milk over it.

So, at least for now, I have some easy, quick meal options and fewer excuses to call handfuls of popcorn and a few pieces of salt water taffy dinner.

I am hoping that with a good solid week of nutrition under my belt that moving past the 11-mile mark later in the week will be a piece of cake.  Minus the piece of cake, of course.

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