Some bad luck and some good luck


This morning I woke up a bit groggy, but resigned to sign up for tomorrow’s 13.1 and found Oldest’s running clothes set out for his weekly long trail run for track, and felt a pang of regret that I had to take today off.

However, when I went to sign up for the race and found that online registration had closed, I was jubilant that I had missed the opportunity, because it meant that I could go on a long, chilly trail run with the high school track team without worrying about the state of my legs.


We ran 9 miles at a pretty good clip while dodging potholes, rocks and fallen trees.  (I will be sore tomorrow.)

The reasons I was reticent about racing tomorrow are too numerous to list, but here are the main ones:

1) MFP decided last night to have a garage sale this morning on top of everything else we have going on today, so I knew arranging my packet pickup would be a nightmare. 

2) We have a party to go to tonight and I would have been stressed out about getting home and in bed instead of enjoying myself.

3) I am just getting my mileage back up, and didn’t want to take the time off before and after the race.

4) I plan to run a race in February, so I want to keep my momentum going so that I can truly race that one.


I came home from running and found Youngest taking a stroll down memory lane in our front yard.  I am pretty sure he is willing to wrestle anyone offered to buy all of his old books.



(We have lots of boys ropa to get rid of.)

I have no idea where most of our stuff came from (we had a hunting vest and a karate outfit and we don’t hunt or do karate!)  I think we were  just magnets for junk during the “little boy trench years” (when we weren’t sleeping or relaxing enough to make educated decisions about anything).

“Want to get rid of some stuff?  Just go see that family down the street with the blood shot eyes and the dazed grins…You’ll know it’s them because there will be three little boys climbing walls and trying to run into the street…they’ll take anything off your hands!”


After some thought, I decided to put the old treadmill out there, because every garage sale needs one.

I spent a few good miles on her, but to tell you the truth, this thing is only cut out for walking or slow jogging.

Every time I pushed the speed up it felt like my insides were being scrambled.  In hindsight, this thing may have caused my weird stomach pains during the last training cycle.

Anyway, as things do tend to work themselves out when your plans go awry, I found an awesome coupon code for the Pasadena Rock n Roll Half marathon on February 17.

You get $13 off when you register on the 13th of the month, which just happens to be tomorrow!

So it will all work out, and I will save some money in the meantime.

And anyway, it’s about time someone enjoys some luck of the Irish, because Notre Dame sure didn’t have any last week as they were getting picked up and slammed around by those Alabama boys.

Perhaps they should take up running?

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