Life is better when everyone has run


Youngest took Charlie for a quick run around the park yesterday which is a service he provides a dog who will sit and look gloomily out the window all day long if he doesn’t get his heart pumping.

(I don’t know anyone like that.)

From the looks of it, Charlie was struggling to keep up with my 8-year-old bundle of firecracker energy.  He is giving the same look I do in races at the exact moment that the photographer pops up in front of me, eager to record my agony for posterity.


They ran happily together for .8 miles (who is counting?) before Charlie decided he’d had enough of rolling hills and pulled mightily off to the side to take a breather.

Some days are like that.


At any rate, yesterday was one of those perfect days when every single family member has  had a run and therefore has no energy to start quarrels or dig in their heels about chores.  On those days, we sort of all walk around in a daze, drool dripping from our mouths, nodding at one another as we pass in the hallway on the way to complete our tasks.

I also finally got reacquainted with my favorite orange appliance and went totally nuts on Charlie hair throughout the house after a few days of running-induced lethargy.


That is because I had eaten a half of a loaf of garlic bread by mistake.  Meaning I only really intended to eat one slice, but then realized that I had absentmindedly eaten the whole thing.  I guess it is sort of like sleep-walking when one does this.  It happens to me with bowls of tortilla chips too, especially if they are served with a side of margarita.

So essentially I carbo-loaded for my vacuuming, and let me tell you, I may be on to something with this strategy.   You should try it.

And it must have helped my run today as well, because I completed another one hour and forty minute run with no major problems.

You can read about it My Training.

In other news, I still have not been able to get my glasses apart and I have been drinking kombucha like there is no tomorrow.

I am wondering if doing so will have a positive effect on my training, though I guess if that was the case Lance Armstrong would be the face of GT Kombucha instead of spending an awkward hour on Oprah’s couch.


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