I might have pine-paneling, but…


Today I served MFP’s and my lunch with a side of fruit from our orange tree.

You guys all get massive yards, granite counter tops and “playrooms;”  we get pine-paneled dens, bad kitchens, sunny weather and orange trees.  I’m not complaining. 


When I am logging a lot of miles, I eat this lunch almost every day.  I sauté spinach, eggs and spices and serve them on whole wheat toast.


(Sometimes I burn the toast because I start reading an interesting article in the newspaper and forget about it.  This is why I am not a food blogger.)

MFP and I are adjusting to being around the house together most of the day due to his job schedule.  It is sort of like a crash-course in what the retirement years will be like.

I have learned that he cannot sit still for one minute, he talks incessantly, (he doesn’t like dead air) and sweeps like the broom is about get stolen out of his hands.

I am also learning that I cannot blog until he leaves because I can’t have a complete thought. 

We are adjusting.  Either that or I’ll give up blogging and pick up a broomstick. Or ride one.

We shall see.


Anyway, I actually ate my burned lunch with some reading material, which was nice.


The boys and I watched the Oprah interview with Lance Armstrong last night (on my computer).  For them it was an invaluable look at what a cheater looks like.


(Charlie slept through the whole thing.)

Though my only qualifications into being a psychologist is that I read Psychology Today, I’m pretty sure Lance qualifies as a sociopath and narcissist.

And when he admitted to not feeling bad about doing it, the boys all turned to me with their mouths on the floor like “oh my gawd, he didn’t even feel bad!”

And I thought that though I am raising them in a house full of pine-paneling, they seem to be picking up the difference between right and wrong just fine. 

Now if I can learn how to co-exist with my talkative, sweeping husband in the afternoons, we can all sit around and eat our oranges together with halos over our heads.

P.S. You can read about how similar Ryan Hall and my training plans are in My Training.

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