Sushi, wheat grass and a royal pain in the arse


I’ve spent the last two days eating every vegetable, piece of rice and noodle that I can get my hands on.


Last night we used a Groupon to go to sushi, only because Oldest and his buddies had taken over our kitchen to make a cooking video for French class.  (I would love to pretend that I get dolled up for restaurant visits, but the truth is I can’t be bothered.  So not L.A. of me.)


I was all over this Yakisoba, as I was famished from watching Middle play a nail-biter basketball game, the kind of game where you sweat as much as the players even though you are sitting quietly cross-legged on the sidelines. 


MFP had oysters and winked at me as he ate them.  Oh boy, you gotta love Saturday nights when you are in your 40s.  Life gets craazy between basketball games, school video projects and a good ole Netflix DVD.


The younger boys, of course, are always disturbingly focused on dessert during these meals, as all I ever have around the house is some salt water taffy and a few pieces of dark chocolate.  (And cake, cookies and Bit O’ Honey, but really who pays attention?)

All of yesterday’s events must have converged to create a fabulous long run for me, since I was going out of my mind by day’s end with energy and tension.  I admit – I am a royal pain in the a#$ when I don’t run.  I get my proverbial panties in a wad quite easily, and that is why MFP suggested a glass of wine with my dinner last night.

After we got the kids to bed,  we watched “My Week With Marilyn” as we are on a Michelle Williams kick at the moment (we watched “Blue Valentine” last week). 

So yes, I can be a pain, but not anything like Marilyn. 

MFP even looked over at me when the movie was over and asked, “So what did you think?”

“Well, I think that if Marilyn had been a runner she wouldn’t have had to take all those pills…”

“In addition,” I went on, “she should have stuck to a greens-heavy vegetarian diet, eschewed alcohol, slept eight hours a night, and read more…”

And then I turned over and got my eight hours while looking forward to the endorphin-rush that a nice, long morning run would soon provide this sometimes-uptight blonde.

You can read about it in My Training.


  1. GFitz says

    R—I made my first sushi today with amazing results. Rachel gave me a sushi cookbook and the mats and wooden spoon to prepare the sticky rice. A trip to Oriental food stores for the proper short grain rice, seaweed sheets, toasted sesame, and rice vinegar and we had sushi with avocado and shrimp–almost like downtown Tokyo. Did an amazing miso yesterday that turned out better than expected. Bock Choi and firm tofu did the trick. All this is in preparation for a Japanese themed Valentine dinner….thus your blog struck a chord.

    Has #one checked out the Paris digs yet?


    PS—Good food photos.

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