Hanging in there: 11 weeks to go until the Boston Marathon


Miles:  61

Longest run:  18 miles

Fastest mile:  not recorded

Speed work:  3/2 pickups

Strength training:  4x, plus core work x5

I talked a lot about seeking balance for this training cycle, and how I wanted to fit in training without letting something slide in another part of my life.

Not going over the top with my mileage seems to be helping me manage everything well. 

I am also gaining a tremendous amount of understanding about the pieces that must all come together on race day, so I am trying to do the little things that will help me succeed.  And I am finally facing the fact that just “running a lot” is not one of those little things.

I am trying to be more strategic and stingy with my miles, so that I am not out there literally running myself into the ground for no good reason.

For example, I am already working on preparing myself to take race day nutrition by practicing glycogen depletion on my slower long runs.  (I will take sugar in on speedier long runs).  I am also sticking with my core work and strength training, because I realize that those muscles are going to help me at the end of the race.  (Muscles which I didn’t have at the Long Beach Marathon!)  In addition, I am doing speed work twice a week in a manageable way so that I am not feeling wrecked on my other runs.

Overall, though, I feel like I am not biting off more than I can chew training-wise, and I don’t think I have to fear burning out or peaking too soon.

Of course I hear those little voices (is it just me?  oops!) that like to question whether I am doing enough, running enough, running fast enough, etc.

But for now I am trying to ignore them, so that I can save that energy for the peak weeks of training, as well as for race day.

Plus, I am really looking forward to running well, and I know now that planning and being smart in training is the only way to do so.

Yes, I read about amazing runs other runners are doing (tempo madness!), but I know my journey is different.  I have a big goal in mind, but my biggest one is getting there in one piece with the rest of my life fully under control.

So here’s to week 11, three weeks out from the Pasadena Half Marathon…


  1. Atha says

    I think you are going about your training a lot wiser this time around. At least that what it seems from following your training. I think it will pay off big for you at Boston! I know it’s tough to be patient but it will be worth it! Keep on keeping on!

    • Rebecca says

      Thanks, Atha! It is not my nature to train like this, but I too think it will pay off. The marathon is no joke, right?

  2. says

    Getting to the start line in one piece, with all the rest of your life fully intact is an accomplishment many training for marathons can’t do! I admire the fact that you are adding in so many miles, but not biting off too much. Your ST 4x a week sounds pretty demanding! It will be a big benefit for race day when it translates to speed.

  3. says

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