Getting all organized and stuff


Sometimes I cannot believe that I use to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to do yoga; those days are over, as you can see that Charlie has taken over the mat and dares me to get near it.


But since we’re on the topic, I arose at 4:45 a.m. a few days ago to get a tempo run in before the kids woke up.  I am only horrid memories of treadmill running, possibly because my old treadmill shook my internal organs to the point of near-spontaneous combustion.  And it was boring. 

(Aside: I got rid of my last one, vowed to only run outside, but was quickly encouraged by MFP to get another one for scheduling purposes.)

As much as like to think that I don’t need a hamster wheel to run a faster marathon, the other day my suspicions that I actually DO were confirmed. That’s because by 6:45 a.m. I had run 10 miles, checked my email, and enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee.

The day was mine.  No thinking about running routes, how quickly I could be back, nothing.  Done and done.


I would say that I am offering you proof that I actually did this run by showing you this picture, but really I am showing you proof that my office is cluttered with vacuum cleaners and rocking chairs that, for nostalgia’s sake, I cannot let go of. (And of course that MFP had another mirror to replace the other one.) This is my kind of #proof. 


While we’re on the topic, here is proof that I ran outside today and that I was so elated to be on trails instead of a conveyer belt.   And that I was thirsty.


Furthermore, I offer you evidence that having kids who leave half-eaten granola bars in your car is actually quite helpful in post-run-hunger moments when gnawing on your arm seems like a good option.  Chaos saves me.


Seriously, though, as I move deeper into training I realize that staying organized is a huge help.  Like if I leave breakfast displays like this on the table while I am away at least two of my children will not walk in circles in the kitchen, bedhead flopping all about, searching for nourishment, before finally giving up and going to school hungry.  I do not kid.  I must leave a trail and lots of clues.  And yet that is no guarantee.


And I am staying true to my promise and planning to cook some meals as well. Though I promise that hell will freeze over before I get all Martha Stewart-y on you.

But I did stock up on ingredients to cook like three meals and TWO different kinds of granola bars.  Two.  So I am heading in the right direction.  I think.


And just for fun I also walked around Costco with this box of Belgium chocolates in my cart before putting them back on the shelf.  I hope that someone can take a pre-Valentine’s Day hint.


And finally, as I was leaving, I was able to grind my coffee without having to call “the janitor with the hammer “over to show the grinding machine who is boss.  Though I am happy that it is functioning properly, I also strangely miss the drama that calling in help and heavy tools creates. 

So with all of my groceries, my meal plans and my treadmill, I am off to a pretty productive start this marathon training season. 

Yes, yes indeed.

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