The panic sets in: 10 weeks until the Boston Marathon


Miles:  61

Longest run:  16 miles

Fastest mile:  not recorded

Speed work:  8 mile tempo

Strength training:  3x, plus core work x4

Last week was a bit of a struggle training-wise, at least the latter half of the week, because the family began dropping like flies with a strange sore throat/cough.

I never got the full-on illness, but I did feel tired towards the end of the week and therefore slogged through my miles without enthusiasm or speed.

I felt good enough to get the miles in, but not good enough to make them count, if that makes any sense.  I definitely wasn’t thinking of the glorious Boston Marathon as I put in my time.

I sort of panicked and began questioning my training plan last week as well.  The plan was to do two workouts, one long run but never over 18 miles, and a few days of easier miles.

But last night, being the over-thinker that I am, I began perusing Advanced Marathoning, which made me second-guess this approach, and now I am confused and a little stressed.

My strengths in running tend to be speed (it’s all relative because my fast is someone else’s slow), at least at shorter distances, and tenacity;  however I tend to fall apart past 13 miles in all of my runs. (Some day I would like to stick to track work and short distances to see what I can accomplish, as the marathon does not seem to be my “thing.”) And  I can honestly say I have never experienced the long run without some sort of bonk.  I am able to  run through the bonk, but it is not fun.  Still, I persist, because I believe that some day I will have that illusive breakthrough in the marathon. (In other words, yes, I am crazy.)

So my thinking was to concentrate on strength-based running, but still add in enough junk miles so that my legs can adapt to running while fatigued. 

But as we get closer, I am certain that I need to be running longer long runs.  Maybe one or two at 20 or more?  The problem that presents is the need to recover and the need to axe my speed training, which is necessary for these chicken legs, because they tend to get slower and slower the longer I run.

Beyond doubting everything I have done so far, I am also looking to switch my schedule around, as MFP and the boys do not appreciate my weekend long runs the way I do. 

Therefore I must take a weekend day off so that I can be around here smiling all day long, you know, just in case anyone needs anything;  which means, that I will need to run long on a weekday, which is always loads of fun.  I get to start my long run with the morning runners and end it with the lunch-timers! 

“Doesn’t that woman do anything else but run?” .

“Yeah, she was out there this morning, and my buddy saw her again when he went to lunch.”

As if.  Of course no one notices anyone but themselves—you can tell by the way they check themselves out in store windows when they run by. “What?  I was checking my form!”

Yeah, right.  Whatever.

So another week is on the books, and now I get to panic for a few days while I readjust my training plan and change my long run day. 

The fun continues…


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