Operation lockdown and some nerd flags flying high


Operation lockdown officially began on a bleary-eyed Saturday morning, with lots of raw emotions and pent-up energy.

About twice a year I have to take away all electronics from the boys to allow them to refocus on behaving like intelligent human beings rather than yard apes.  Usually lockdown is inspired by some sort of out-of-hand quarrel that ends with a massive pile-up of wrestling boys on the living room floor and me in the background screaming like a banshee. 

“That’s it!” I say.  “Hand everything over.  You guys need to regroup and remember your manners…”

So I won’t go in to the details, but you can gather two things from the bit I have shared so far:  1)  We are taking up some new hobbies, and 2)  I have already forgotten where I hid all of their electronics (oops!).

Which is why I shared the above photograph, which is a weed actually.  Middle has put down his Galaxy player and taken up photography.



I love to imagine what he could accomplish if we actually had a proper gardener. 

In addition, Youngest has penned a few comic books and Oldest has actually read a few books.  Just like I like it.  Our nerd flags are flying high.



Charlie, on the other hand, is bored out of his freaking mind.

Anyway, a few days later, we are all back to being polite and resourceful, so that is nice. I’m not so sure how long this peace will last, but for now, I am not complaining.


And while we are talking about nerds, I will admit that I have officially begun listening to the Steve Jobs biography on my runs.


So far I have gotten through his “school years,” and I find it fascinating.  Though, I really hate the narrator’s voice.  Jeez. Where do they find these guys?


Chars is never impressed with audio books either, as you can see.  He prefers good ole rock n roll.

I ran 7 quick miles this morning, which were suppose to be 14.  I got so depressed that I hadn’t accomplished anything in my life, like nothing, zilch, compared to Jobs, that I couldn’t keep going.

Actually I am resting up for a mid-week mid-long run tomorrow.  If it works out. 

If not, I’m happy where I am right now, having built up a bit of endurance, having had a few panic attacks about my lack of speed, and generally finding comfort in knowing that anything can happen with 9 1/2 weeks left.

Let us hope that anything amounts to something.


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