Running for some peace


I took MFP out on a trail run this morning, despite the fact that I had already run 9 miles on my treadmill at 4:45 a.m.


I remembered one of the parenting techniques I used with the boys when they were little:  I would wear them out with physical activity of some kind, and then I would put them down for a nice, long nap afterwards, freeing up a few minutes of peace and quiet so that I could collect my thoughts.  Or take a shower or use the bathroom.  (If you are new here, MFP is kind of hyper and a little fussy, and he just happens to be around ALL DAY LONG now that he is working a night shift.  Thus the need for some peace.)


Little did I know that my evil little plan would backfire.  Since I wore myself out as well, I was too tired when I put him down for a rest to enjoy my peace very much.

Lesson learned.


When we take Charlie out on trail runs, we work all kinds of different muscles trying to keep him out of trouble, so I’m sure to be sore tomorrow.

Not five minutes into our run an off-leash German Shepherd ran at him, inspiring me to panic and shake uncontrollably for a few minutes.  I attribute this to PTSD as a result of Charlie’s pre-suburbia-living-and-numbing rap sheet.  All was well, however, as two years out of the urban dog-eat-dog world has turned him into a friendly little mutt, even to towering strangers with big teeth.

He’s all, “Hi there!  How are you this morning?  Great weather for a run, eh?”



And he was so enamored with the water fall, I could barely get him to turn around and run back with me.


Eventually I convinced him, but it wasn’t easy.  Next thing you know, he’ll be asking to go to the Grand Freaking Canyon. 


A few times he just suddenly stopped to take in the view.


But we made it out of the canyon unscathed save a few sore buttocks muscles and some squishy shoes from creek-running.

MFP fell asleep for a few minutes upon our return home, but I was so exhausted that all I remember is staring at the wall while a few drops of drool escaped from the corner of my mouth.

Next time I will be sure to save my treadmill running for non-MFP-needs-a-nap days.

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