Some things you get right, others you don’t


If you haven’t figured it out already, I can be sort of haphazard in the way I do things;  MFP would say that is an understatement.

For  example, one day this week I was like checking stuff off of my list faster than the list could be made. 

“One pot of ‘dude food’ coming right up I told the boys!” as I stirred their dinner the other night.  “But first I am going to make a quick batch of kombucha and color my hair…”

I was on FIRE.  Run?  Done!  Awesome parenting and disciplining?  Done!  Plane ticket purchased for Boston?  Done!  Hair colored from a $9 box?  Done!  In fact, I was looking around wondering if should wash the dog, do some hill sprints and whip up a batch of cookies, you know, just to feel a little more like I was freaking owning this crazy life of mine.  Like, get away from my to-do list, because I am the multi-tasker extraordinaire!


And the next day?  Bam!  A huge disaster for this Martha Stewart wannabe.  Remember that tomato soup I was going to make from scratch?  Yeah.

Anyway.  We moved on.  I made another batch and the boys loved it.  And then my balloon deflated and I was back to realizing that I am more of an up and down kind of gal.  Some days I have it.  Some days I just don’t.


In fact, today I was lamenting the fact that on cold days I always have “that space between your tights and your sock” to deal with.  My disproportionate body plays tricks like this on me. 

I had to run long today, even though it was rainy and cold,  because half of my family is going skiing this weekend, and the other half is staying here to stare at each other and say things like, “I’m bored.  There’s nothing to do…”

Except that since there’s some freaky cop-killer on the loose, they might not go now, because he’s apparently snow-shoeing through the mountains and holing up in someone’s abandoned cabin.  I suppose he thinks a movie should be made about him, so he’s moving the setting to a snowy location for visual interest?  Anyway, it’s totally L.A. to have your vacation plans interrupted by a man hunt.

But I was determined, either way to run long and get the worst run of the week over with.


I ate this thing about halfway through the run and it sure powered me up.  I will have more information on it Monday when I do a exciting review and giveaway of some various running-related items.  (Sometimes I have no idea why I am the radar for this sort of thing, because if the running blog community is a sorority, I am a GDI for sure.)

But back to my run.  The first six miles were totally sluggish.  I wondered if I should quit.  And instead of having some sky-opening-up moment, I just pushed on through because I really wanted to take tomorrow off so I could field the boredom questions properly with answers like, “Let’s do a puzzle!”

But while I was still running, I found an app on my phone called iHeart radio, which Middle put on there the other day for some unknown reason.

I found a station called “Alternative Aerobics,” and I was like, that is so me!  I think the description was something like, “when you just can’t take ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ or ‘Eye of the Tiger’ anymore.


Three songs that pulled me through:


So now I’ll go and rest up my legs for a weekend of puzzles and boredom, but I will make sure to avoid soup-making at all costs.

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