Throwback Thursday: the baby phase


Since I told you about my robe, and how I’ve had it since Middle was born, I thought I would share a few pictures from that era with you today.

I made exactly one baby book and it was his.  Only because at that time I had a few friends who were into it and invited me to those scrapbooking parties.  I am not the scrapbooking sort, as you may know.  But I really do enjoy looking back at that book.  And yes Youngest and Oldest will be in therapy one day due to the one baby book.  No doubt about it.


My second pregnancy was the easiest.  No morning sickness, no major problems. 


I didn’t take any drugs during that birth, the one and only where I left the hospital looking like I could maybe handle another boy.

The first time I looked incredulous that they were going to let me take home a real live baby.  The third time I looked desperate to take the hospital staff home with me.




Somehow we’ve made it this far.


Middle, 13.  Oldest, 15.  Youngest, not pictured.  I’ll save him for another day.


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    Love the pics, Rebecca! We were “forced” to do a photo album when my sons were in 5th grade, and it was a total nightmare. My boys had ZERO interest in it, and I had only slightly more. Now that they are 16 (gulp), those books are one of my most treasured items – a gentle reminder of how sweet they were whenever I need it :).

    I didn’t see where you posted about having the same robe from when you were pregnant, but if that’s what you wrote, I’m with you! I love my ratty robe (but I do have a “nice” one when we have holiday company).

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