Tips for Tuesday, Part II


Though I have definitely fallen off a bit in my strength training since my mileage climbed above 70 per week, I am still thinking about the periodization that follows marathon training, when I will want to subject my body to something other than moving forward over long distances as quickly as possible.

To that end, I cannot simply call my personal trainer and tell him to meet me at the gym for a nice, hardcore workout when the time arrives.

First of all, I don’t have a PT;  secondly I don’t even have a gym membership.

But I do have a library card, so for now, that will suffice.

I make biweekly trips to get the boys books, so every once in a while I check out a few fitness magazines, even if they are severely outdated, which they usually are (it seems the newer ones go missing).


I don’t check them out for the stories on how to shrink one’s belly by eating tons of chocolate.  No, I check them out for one reason alone. 

The workouts.

The above workout is from Women’s Health and Fitness.


This is from Fitness.

I make copies of the workouts on my printer and then return the magazines.

I know.  I sound cheap.  But it works.

I have a folder full of these workouts, and I rotate them as they either bore me to tears or stop challenging me.

Granted, the folder has been gathering dust for the past few weeks, but I know that I will be desperate to do something other than run and run and run once Boston is behind me.

Or at least until I sign up for another marathon.

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