Three things


The little triumphs that come with a seemingly long week cannot be dismissed.  For example, Charlie will finally look at me when I call his name.


Not only that, but I rocked a trip to Big Lots yesterday, and came out of there with all of my needs for less than $20.  Did I ever tell you how much I love Big Lots?  Sure, it smells funny in there.  Sure, you don’t know how long the Little Debbie’s cakes have been sitting on their shelves.  Sure, if you buy a kid a birthday present there, it will surely break before you leave the party.  Still, I get great pleasure out of saving money.


And finally.  I have an amazing stack of books by my bedside table right now.  I get giddy with excitement to open them each night.  I finished Gone Girl and am halfway through This is How You Lose Her

People, I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. 

Not as happy as overlooking the bad smells at Big Lots for a good deal, and not as happy as having Charlie finally look my way again. But still,  pretty darn happy.

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