Five weeks until the Boston marathon and Charlie is counting down the minutes


Miles:  85

Longest run:  23 miles

Fastest mile:  Sub 7

Speed work:  3 x 2 miles with 800 jogs

Strength training: 2x, plus core work x2 (I am falling off of core training because when I try to do plank, I collapse to the floor.)

Last week I really concentrated on getting the miles done without taking breaks, and in order to do so, I visualized my lungs and heart getting stronger.

I did not keep time on most of the runs, because during a big mile week it can be discouraging to concentrate on pace too much.

However, my speed work actually turned out better than planned, as I was able to keep my old mile-repeat pace up for a straight two miles, and each one was faster than the last.

But the big news about my training is that, sadly, Charlie is getting left out of most of my running these days.

He can safely run about 12 miles as long as we give him a few breaks and lots of water.  Yesterday, for example, we had to put him in the car for the last bit of our run (it is cool outside so he was safe.)  When I ran up the last hill I saw him sitting in the driver’s seat.  He was all, “Get up that hill, woman!  I want to go home and eat my kibble!”

To console him, MFP has been taking him for shorter runs more days of the week.

He will live.  But he will also be excited to see this marathon training end.

This week I am going to pull my mileage back a bit (85 was probably my longest week) and concentrate on quality miles and good nutrition.

I have no idea where I am weight-wise, but I suspect I have gained a few pounds over the last few weeks due to “runger.”  I am an eating machine.  Which is probably the reason my long run went pretty well last week.

So on we go for two more high-mileage, high-quality weeks before I start to pull on the brakes a bit and allow these beat-up legs to heal.


  1. says

    5 weeks to go and it’s getting real! I’m seeing my east coast friends getting their bib numbers and when I think about race day, I get butterflies. I can’t wait!!!

  2. Barb says

    You are going to be BEAST! (In the kids vernacular!). Completely off topic, Christian wants to know your fastest 1/2 mary time!

    • Rebecca says

      Tell super-fast Christian that I ran my fastest half mary just a few weeks ago: 1:38! (and 40 seconds). I am so excited to hear how Sunday goes! Good luck.

      • Barb says

        THAT is an amazing time! I will tell him, and we will need all the luck we can get — it’s going to be a bit warm :( — oh well, that will cause me to run for fun and not for time!

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