Monday is my new best friend


As I was buying a gift card at a local gaming shop the other day, the 20-something dude behind the counter successfully, and against all odds, drew a bit of small talk out of me.

“Glad it’s the weekend,” I offered.

“Wait. I’ve heard that the weekends are the worst part for families with lots of kids.  People tell me it is exhausting…”

“Come to think of it, you are right.  I always look forward to them, but they are never restful.”

Here is how this one went:


After I picked up Youngest and Oldest from school Friday, we booked it down to Glendale for an inter-middle school track meet.  (Middle is the blur in the lead.  He won the mile, though I am only telling you this because it is pertinent to the story.  I am not one of those people who posts all of my kid’s successes on Facebook.)

Anyway, we came home, settled in and watched a movie afterward.  But first I had to text MFP to warn him that we did not do our regular Friday afternoon deep-cleaning.  It is a long story, but if I do not give him advanced notice, he will be fussy for DAYS or possibly even WEEKS.  (Just so you know, his fussiness can not only ruin one weekend, but future weekends as well.)

Saturday morning began with Oldest’s track practice, a trip to the sports store and then Middle and Youngest’s track practice, which I help coach.

During that practice, MFP went to Costco with a very specific list and a spending limit.  (I have learned this over years of practice—you must have a limit!)

So we came home from track, changed clothes, and I cleaned the house.  Vacuuming, scouring counter tops – all of the domestic stuff that I loathe but do anyway because I don’t like germs and bugs.

MFP came home with items from Costco that I never knew existed (vegetarian meatball wraps made from falafel?).

“I went over our limit, but we are going to have to hide some of it so that the boys don’t eat it all in one day.”

“Huh?  Why didn’t you just stick to the list and spending limit?  That would have been easier…”  (Long story short, by the end of the weekend he was hiding oranges and potato chips in our bedroom.  I told you he was big on managing inventory.  I asked him to please not do the shopping anymore.)

But before we could further discuss it, MFP took Youngest to his last basketball game of the season.

After more cleaning, yard work and food-hiding, the grand finale of Saturday arrived around 4:30 p.m.


Middle’s basketball team won their championship game, after which Middle couldn’t stop shooting, even with his water and a trophy in his hand.  Sheesh.

So we went out to dinner with his team to celebrate and ate tons of pizza and salad, which I eagerly chased with a Golden Road draft beer (a beer every now and then helps both the pizza and the weekend go down).

After a night of sleep slightly interrupted by the time change, Sunday began with all of its activities. The main one included our family designing and building an island with 15 landforms out of Legos, which was Youngest’s third grade assignment.  Oldest designed it, Youngest helped build it, and I dug through mounds of the blocks to find the colors and sizes they needed.

These family projects are assigned just before Open house, so that we can go admire our labor which will be on display in the classroom, and also remember the arguments that they might have inspired. 

That doesn’t look like an island!”

Not only do these projects push busy families to new limits on their short, busy weekends, but they also ensure that no money is spent and that no one has a single minute of fun.

I love it.

So here’s to Monday and the beginning of five days of freedom before the weekend cycle begins all over again.


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