Happiness is not running in circles


I am sad to say it, but I am becoming extremely dependent on running companions these days.

MFP usually scoffs at my mileage, saying that he has better things to do than run 16 miles on a Wednesday.

But today I convinced him to accompany me for 8 and then work on his laptop in the car while I finished the rest.  We must be resourceful, us co-dependents.

One of the reasons having a running partner is so nice is that the world becomes my oyster.  I don’t have to run in circles in populated areas near bathrooms and water fountains.


Today we ran by some horses, a few homeless men who have set up camp under an overpass, and alongside a golf course.

Variety is key.

The homeless men I mentioned were quite cordial to us last Friday, but today they didn’t even give us a grunt.  I think it was because today it was so hot, whereas the other day it was rainy and cold.   

The only negative aspect of today’s run was that my left butt started to hurt at mile 16.  I cannot, cannot run in shoes that have any sort of support.  I have learned this lesson before, people.  Many times.  My legs like freedom.  My hips do their own thing.  I cannot be constrained or guided.  In almost every aspect of life, but especially when it comes to my shoes.

So it was a sad, sad day, as I had to kiss my Ravenna 4’s good-bye.

I got a good ole trusty pair of Nike Pegasus for my long runs. Let us hope they are able to calm my left butt down.

Like my personality, hopefully it will let the misplaced guidance roll off its back quickly, because I have a few more miles I want to run this week.

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