Weekly running roundup


This is what the cat dragged in today:  a haggard mom of three who ran 24 miles on a less-than-ideal day in order to strike it off of her to-do list before the weekend.

Luckily Middle was already home from school when I walked in the door, and he had a tall glass of Gatorade waiting for me.

“You look like you just lost five pounds,” he said.


“Yes, I’m pretty sure all of the water that used to be in my body has now evaporated in to the sky all around our neighborhood.


Over the past few weeks I have been experimenting with different fueling combinations.  Since I had major stomach issues during the Long Beach Marathon, I am trying my best to find something that works better for me, especially on hot days like today.

My friend Barb, who is running her very first marathon this Sunday (!!!), turned me on to these babies:

Last week I ate one bag of them and took a Roctane Ultra GU.

I thought the same combination would work today, but I was wrong.  I felt great until I took the GU.  For some reason, after I take a GU, I get really, really thirsty and am unable to be comfortable again for the rest of the run.  (I also got really hungry and had nothing more to eat, so the end of my run felt horrible.)  Thirsty + hungry = Miserable.

From now on, I am going to bring along two packs of these chews, because they make me feel alert and energetic, but not uncomfortable. 

You would think after three years of this business I would have my fueling strategy all worked out, but that hasn’t been true for me.  Yet.

In other running news, I was kind of mad this week at Paul Vanderburgh for coming up with the crazy idea that younger women’s Boston Qualifying times are too easy

But I was really, really happy to see two informative articles from Competitor.com about how eating well helps you stay injury free, and how three core exercises help your running more than regular ole sit-ups do.

Speaking of eating well, after my run today I called home and asked Middle if we had any naan bread left in the fridge so that I could make myself a homemade pizza as soon as I walked in the door from my run.  I was worried that if I didn’t have the ingredients I would have to go down to Little Caesar’s and buy a $5 pizza to eat all by myself.

Luckily, I ate a sweet personal pizza and felt sated right away.


Having a few healthy frozen meals around helps me to stay out of the Cocoa Krispies. 


So two seconds later, when I was super, crazy hungry again, I made a bowl of the pilaf.

What I ate next is a secret.  But here is a hint.  It is like a brownie, but it is blonde.


Earlier in the day I mentioned that I might not be running long today.  The reason was that I was offered a bib to run the LA Marathon, because a friend of a friend is injured and can’t run.  So I was going to run the race as a training run (ha!).

I thought about it, but I decided against it. 

Here is why:  I know myself too well to think that I could just jog it out in Sunday’s race.  I would inevitably get caught up in the hoopla of the crowd and run way too fast. 

And then my legs, which have been a bit wonky since my 800’s on Tuesday, would not be able to successfully get through my last peak week of training without some sort of backlash.

So I will not join all the awesome folks who are going out on a sunny, warm day to run from Dodger’s stadium all the way to Santa Monica after all.

Next year.  Next year.

But to all of those running Sunday’s race – Good Luck!

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