Track meets and reverse tan lines


Our youth track club hosted our first official meet of the season yesterday, which helps me a ton with my marathon training since it teaches me how to be on my feet all day after a week of high mileage.


But more importantly these little kids inspire me to run hard even when my shoe is untied and a I am totally tuckered out.


Youngest if finally old enough to run on a relay team, the 4 x 400 meter, so he was excited to be a part of that.


But mostly he just looked super-relieved to be handing off the baton to someone else after his lap.

He was all, “You take it now!  I’m off to play some wall ball…”

I help coach these little buggers, and they are amazing to work with. 


But the job does require lots of dark chocolate around 1 p.m.  Lots.


This was the state I was in last night when MFP took me to dinner.  Crazy hair, tired feet and a weird reverse-capri pants tan.  That, my friends, is the aftermath of a good track meet.  (The blur couldn’t be helped.)


I re-emerged from zombieland after a cold brew and some nice, spicy Indian fare.




Just remind me not to fill up on spicy food and beer the night before Boston, okay?


  1. says

    Hey Rebecca!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I just connected who you are. Your mileage on DM is always so impressive and motivating to me. (And your profile picture looks like an elite athlete!)

    All these track meet pictures remind me of when I lived in CA. My husband and I met and were married in northern California (outside San Francisco). My parents lived in southern CA (Upland) for 5 years right after I was married. I loved visiting them there. I went to some of my little sisters high school track meets and these pics remind me of that! Sounds like you have a great youth track club!

    Anyway, good luck with the rest of your training as you enter the taper phase. Just 3 more weeks to go!!! :-)

    • Rebecca says

      Yes I love the fact that people are totally track crazy in So Cal…it’s a good fit for our family because all three of my boys are super active!!
      Good luck with your training as well. I was so impressed to read that you are running two marathons so close to each other. You are going to be in excellent shape for Boston!

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