Track meets and reverse tan lines


Our youth track club hosted our first official meet of the season yesterday, which helps me a ton with my marathon training since it teaches me how to be on my feet all day after a week of high mileage.


But more importantly these little kids inspire me to run hard even when my shoe is untied and a I am totally tuckered out.


Youngest if finally old enough to run on a relay team, the 4 x 400 meter, so he was excited to be a part of that.


But mostly he just looked super-relieved to be handing off the baton to someone else after his lap.

He was all, “You take it now!  I’m off to play some wall ball…”

I help coach these little buggers, and they are amazing to work with. 


But the job does require lots of dark chocolate around 1 p.m.  Lots.


This was the state I was in last night when MFP took me to dinner.  Crazy hair, tired feet and a weird reverse-capri pants tan.  That, my friends, is the aftermath of a good track meet.  (The blur couldn’t be helped.)


I re-emerged from zombieland after a cold brew and some nice, spicy Indian fare.




Just remind me not to fill up on spicy food and beer the night before Boston, okay?

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