What Eleanor Beardsley and I have in common


Right up there with the rest of the #firstworldproblems out there is that I have a slight handicap when it comes to pronunciation.

I cannot, for the life of me, pronounce the word “groin.”

Blame it on the South.  Call me ignorant.  Whatever.  I still can’t say it.

“Mom, it rhymes with ‘coin!’”  My kids tell me.

Still, it comes out like this:  “growin.”

Here’s why:  I grew up hearing it pronounced that way, and I cannot re-learn it the proper way.  I successfully learned that water is not pronounced “werter,” but I cannot, for the life of me, figure groin out.

Consequently, I don’t say it at all.


But here is the thing.  I have to go to a sports massage next week, and I need to be able to tell the dude that my “groin” is tight. 

(In the meantime, I have been doing these stretches, which helps a ton.)

What should do?  Write the word down on a piece of paper?

Here, Mr. Masseuse, is a note from my husband. 


How does this stuff happen?  How can a grown lady who worked in broadcast journalism not know how to pronounce a basic word?   

I mean, seriously, even Eleanor Beardsley can throw down a mean French accent on NPR, but still you can hear her Southern draw.  (She is also from South Carolina.)  She cannot escape it.

And neither can I.

So I think I’ll just tell the guy that my inner thigh is really tight.

And then if he says,”Your groin area?”

I will simply say, “yes.”


    • Rebecca says

      I know. Mine comes out at odd times. Like when I am talking on the phone with my mom or after I’ve had a few beers. If Eleanor can get away with it, then so can we!!

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