A good way to tame his fussiness


I cannot tell you how nice it was to wake up early for a race, but not to have to actually run in it.

MFP and Middle decided to run a very manly race in our area called the Verdugo Mountains 10k.  Such races are much too manly for me, as I do not have the quads for such adventures.  Yet.


Though MFP registered for it, Middle just went along for the run.

The first half of the race is a constant, steep rise in elevation of 1,735 feet.  The second half is all downhill.


In order to spectate, the rest of the family hiked up .4 mile to the finish line.


The winner of the race, sporting a Pre-inspired moustache, finished in a course record of 40 minutes, 51 seconds.


MFP came in around 48 minutes, 16th place overall and 3rd in his age group.  What one must recognize  here is that he 1)runs in his bathing suit 2)only buys one pair of running shoes a YEAR 3)only trains two or three days a week 4)wears a do rag on his head wrapped into a sweat band and 5)always drinks the night before his races.

Seriously.  He is just pure fussiness out there on the mountain.


Not only that.  Middle unofficially came in 12th overall, 1st in his age group, beating his dad soundly in a 10k, his longest run to date.  (He competes in the 1500m during track.)  But since he didn’t register,  none of that mattered.

What does matter is that I finally found a way to manage MFP’s fussiness and Middle’s off-the-chart energy.


They need to run up mountains.  Every single day.  Because after that race Middle hasn’t moved from his spot on the sofa, and MFP is behaving like a freaking angel.

I must find more of these races for them.


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