The life of the party


This week I will need to sleep in every single day just to recover from Youngest’s recent birthday party, never mind running or yoga.

During the preparation on Saturday MFP decided to go to East L.A. to look for an Iron Man piñata, since we planned on taking Youngest’s posse over to the movie as the finale of the celebration.

Yes, he has a posse.  Always has, always will.  When he was just four years old and riding a bike shakily, he took off during one of during one of our camping trips on his Thomas the Tank Engine bike and returned flanked by every single kid in the campground between the ages of three and ten.

And yes my husband knows how to get out of mopping.  And most other childcare duties.  Always has, always will.  That man can turn a nine-to-five job into a sixteen hour day, always cleverly arriving home after the last kid has been tucked into his bed.

Yes, tough day. 

After FOUR HOURS of piñata-picking during which I cleaned the entire house, shopped for party food and baked a freaking cake, he showed up with a giant red cardboard-and-tissue-paper-man.


“What took you so long?”

“I had to go buy a bat!  Duh.”


I would have been super-thrilled with Iron Man.  If only Robert Downey Jr. had been tucked inside instead of a million different kind of candies which all contained HFCS and red food dye.

But the party went well after all.


Except for the part where MFP and Oldest took a long reading break while I minded the cake and other festivities.

But soon we went off to the movie theater where I questioned my sanity over bringing a bunch of 9-year-olds to watch a bunch of explosions, premeditated murder and sexual innuendo.

(I suppose I let my crush on RD Jr. over ride my better judgment.)

Anyway, I sat behind them and critiqued the screenplay, found holes in the story and closed my eyes anytime I could sense that something was going to blow up.  Meaning that I only actually saw about 10% of the movie.

And I also decided, right then and there, that I really like Robert Downey Jr. better as Sherlock Holmes.

Can you imagine how long it would take MFP to find a Sherlock piñata? 

Hours? Months? Years?

I don’t even want to think about it.


  1. Charisma says

    Wow! I wish my husband was just as patient with finding a piñata …it’s actually a cool piñata, where did he get it? I’m going crazy already trying to find one. Pls help..

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