Back to the track and project #1


The first thing I do when the boys get out of school for the summer is wash and hang their nasty backpacks in the sun to dry.  The questionable stains remain, but at least I know that the fermented fruit smell from the petrified apples found in the outer pockets dissipates rather quickly with a good washing.

The second thing I do is try to provide the boys with a bit of structure for the long, lazy days ahead, otherwise Charlie will get a really bad migraine and refuse to get out of his green chair.


This year I am using to give them enough chores in the morning and evening to keep them occupied and Charlie headache-free.   And also so they don’t swing from the drapes or climb up onto the roof.  (Did you know that there’s something about boys and roof-climbing?)

So far, so good.

This was my first big summer project:  getting the boys in line.


Otherwise I threatened to send them to Camp Old Navy where all of the creepy mannequins hang out in coordinating outfits.

I have their charts hanging on the fridge, and so after they do their job they must cross it off the list.  Each chore is worth a certain number of points so that by the end of the week they have earned a trip to Jamba juice or a movie ticket.  It’s an expensive project, but the alternative is a house with no drapes and a bunch of broken arms from accidental roof falls.

Speaking of falls, I dragged myself over to the track today all by my lonesome early in the morning for a few mile repeats.  (I didn’t fall today, but I have been track road kill in the past.)


The high school had their graduation ceremony here a few days ago, but the only reminder of the event was small bits of trash that were obviously too small for the clean-up crew to bother with.

Though I spend many a nights at this track, I haven’t run on it myself since March when I ran my Yasso 800’s for the Boston marathon in an average pace of 3:24, which supposedly predicted my upcoming marathon finish time.  However, I strained my adductor and totally messed that up, didn’t I?  Either that or Yasso’s don’t work for old ladies.

Anyway, this was my first day back for some speed work;  unfortunately I had to do a set of 4 x1 mile repeats all alone since MFP stays up too late and was too tired this morning to join me.

“I’ll get you next time,” he said as I tried to rouse him at 6 a.m.  What does that even mean?

Generally having him there helps me out because I can forget about my watch and just chase him around the track.


I put on my favorite speed shoes, the Brooks PureConnect’s, and got myself in gear.

My training plan called for each repeat to be about 7:11.

The first one was right on.  The next ones were 6:58, 6:55 and 6:58.  I jogged an 800 between each one.

The last time I did mile repeats I ran them right around 6:40 pace, so I obviously am not back up to speed yet.

However, I am working on being patient and working myself back up to tip top shape very slowly.  (Most of you know that this is not easy for me, and that I really prefer to overdo it.)

In fact, only logging 7 miles for the day feels wrong.


But not quite as wrong as my hairdo.  (Our family hair lady is out with a shoulder injury, so I have to wait until mid-June to get a haircut.  I apologize in advance for the next two weeks of selfies.)

But here’s to hoping that in a month’s time I will have a fresh haircut, my mile repeats will be much faster, and the boys won’t have to all be sent off to Camp Old Navy.

Have a great day!


  1. Kim says

    Just signed up for mychore thingie!
    Love it!
    The best part is that they will be accountable to dad, he gets an email at work when they finish (he will be ALL OVER THAT)!

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