Sweating buckets, medium long runs and the beach


I wish I could capture a brand new phenomenon I have been experiencing lately called sweating buckets.

You think I am exaggerating, but I am not.

I have literally been finishing my runs by wringing two liters of water out of my cheapo running shirts.  And the chafing?  I don’t know how to describe it, though MFP calls it sticking myself in the eyeball with pins over and over again.

That’s because I continue to wear my cheap running clothes from Ross and Old Navy despite the fact that I am so chafed afterward that I can barely walk.

But to be honest, every time I go on the “nice” running clothes website, I am aghast that a very small pair of running shorts could possibly cost $52.

Anyway, I stuck pins in my eyeballs again today on my medium-long run.  These are my favorite because they give you plenty of time to listen to your best playlists, but they aren’t so long that you walk around like a zombie for the rest of the day.

A medium-long run is any run of 11 to 15 miles…which reinforce the physiological benefits of the your long runs.  (source:  Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger)

I usually run these slower than long-run pace, because I usually sandwich the medium long run between two quality workout days, so this run needs to also double as a recovery run.  An oxymoron?  Perhaps.  But I find that during weeks in which life gets busy, or when there is a holiday during which you do not want to make running the center of your life, it is beneficial and efficient to get in a decent amount of mileage with a mid-week effort.

Tragically, in between the bee stings, vacation days and the 4th of July, my visits to the gym are beginning to slide right off of a cliff.


Which prompted me to buy this lovely new piece of furniture for our living room.

I did a core workout using it yesterday, and I hope to repeat it a number of times over the next few days to make up for the fact that most of my lifting will come from picking up a cold drink and putting it to my lips.

What?  I love lemonade.

In addition, I am trying to get the boys out of the house more often lately because they are doing that weird thing they do every summer called “driving me freaking insane.”


It’s a good thing they are so handsome and witty.


And stylish?


Fun fact:  The beach is the only place where Youngest will sit still.


Sort of.

We enjoyed an overcast day yesterday which we topped off by visiting Yogurtland.  Though obviously I have read a lot about how everyone loves Yogurtland, I had never been there until yesterday.


Youngest gave it two thumbs up.  Our local shop only gets one sideways thumb.

But you can’t take Youngest’s reviews too seriously because I am pretty sure he can’t taste the actual yogurt through his five pounds of brownies and cookie crumbs that he calls his “toppings.”

Anyway, with the bee sting fiasco behind us, and some visitors on the way to spend the holiday weekend with us, things are beginning to look up.

As long as I can figure out a way to stop walking around like a cowboy without having to drop half of a hundy on a pair of running shorts.


  1. GFitz says

    Great $$ opportunity arrives from adversity—–as a critical user, work up a design for a friction free running shorts for women and men. Cut and sew–then test drive. Market and sell in internet using PayPal.

    Did not a guy make a million or two selling Yoga Wear?

    Follow his tracks.



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