Giving Negative Nelly the boot

Every so often my normally upbeat demeanor takes a bit of a nose-dive and I let little things really annoy me, like those health-oriented articles that promise to tell you 10 of the most important things you need to know to avoid dying of a horrible disease, but then you click on them eager to find out how to stay alive, but they only lead you to tiny tidbits of information that are revealed through clicking a million arrow keys.  You get like a half of a half of one of the tips before you just give up and face the fact that you will never learn the 10 things because you are too ADD to sit through all of the clicking and so you resign yourself to die of the horrible disease anyway.

Yeah, I go through this.  Suddenly thoughts pop into my head like, “you only have two more summers with Oldest before he goes off to college…” and I am just crestfallen for the rest of the day.  Partly because I feel the panic of missing him, and partly because I am scared to death of the next stage of life.

This probably started when Middle had to keep going to Urgent Care for his bee sting infection and I sort of let myself worry a bit too much about the obesity epidemic and the state of our nation’s health, and then it just got really difficult to ignore all of the negative thoughts.  I start thinking, why aren’t we all doing everything we possibly can to avoid getting trapped in a cycle of bad health and drug dependency?

This was just a few weeks after we visited Disneyland and for the first time in a long while I spent a bit too much brain power worried over how the rides could possibly handle the growing weight of the population.

I have always been like this, but sometimes when I am sleep-deprived, under a lot of pressure, or just worried about something, it is heightened a bit.

At this point I am sure I am sleep-deprived, at least for me.  Ironically, I always get far less sleep in the summer than I do in winter.  The kids stay up later and  I get up earlier to beat the heat.  Which means my sleeping time shrinks by a full hour or more.

Yes, I do take naps occasionally, but I try not to because the next night of sleep is disrupted, and so on.

I do think that increasing my quality training is a contributing factor to my negativity.  This essay by Susan Lacke is perfect.

Athletes get cranky when their training volume increases;  it is a fact.

So instead of going on and on about my grumpiness, I will share with I am doing to reverse it.


The first thing I did was try to improve my hydration and nutrition.  Being a vegetarian is not easy, but being a vegetarian who never wants to cause a fuss is sometimes detrimental.

I find myself eating side dishes all too often to accommodate everyone else’s needs.

“No, I’ll be fine with a salad a roll…”

But for someone who is running for longer than an hour each day in the heat, and also trying to get in some sort of strength training every few days, it’s not enough.

So I will supplement until I get myself back on top of my meals.


Outside is one of my favorite magazines, but I am in love with the August issue.  Not just because Ashton Eaton is on the cover.

But also because I could read about The 13 Habits of Highly Successful Athletes without clicking around a million times.


That and because in the Ashton Eaton interview he reveals that he loves quinoa.  Oldest read that and I really think he is going to try it the next time I cook up a batch.  Thanks, Ash.

But that’s not all.  I really found some useful tidbits about Eaton’s struggles.


Because my mojo is nowhere to be found, it really helped me to see that even the best in the world go through the Negative Nelly’s.

But I am hoping that concentrating on getting enough sleep, even if it means that I have to run in the warmer temperatures, will help a bit.

In addition, I am going to hydrate more, supplement more, and stay the heck away from those silly articles about 10 things that you need to do to avoid diseases.

Oh and I am also going to avoid amusement parks, Urgent Care and drugstores.

Just to be sure.

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