A new outfit, a song and piles and piles of laundry

Today I found out how the other half lives, and boy it is nice.

I had what I like to call a “nothing” run today.  Nothing hurt.  I just ran while listening to music, thinking about nothing, not noticing my shoes, and not mad at my shorts or sports bra for chafing me or squeezing me in some mildly abusive way.

Nothing runs don’t happen very often;  usually something bothers me.  Bad music.  Difficulty breathing.  Sore calves.  You name it.  There’s always something.

So when these runs happen, I really, really appreciate them, and I also tend to smile from ear to ear with each and every step.

Today’s nothing run was sponsored by Fitz and the Tantrums (a real band that I think must have been named after our family).


And by my shiny new running outfit that arrived yesterday.


After much deliberation and a plethora of hesitation, I took the plunge and ordered my first REAL running clothes from Oiselle.  Meaning I did not buy them at Ross Dress for Less.  Or Old Navy or Target.  They are not the reject clothes that you find on the sale rack because they have been rumored to chafe delicate arm pits and inner thighs.

I put my Roga shorts on immediately and vacuumed the entire house.


I had to wait until today to run in them, because I did speed work yesterday and was too tired to take them out for a spin last night.  But for vacuuming?  They were awesome.

Yesterday’s speed work consisted of 5 mile repeats at 5K pace.  MFP volunteered to pace me, so I gave him my Garmin and we went to the track for 5 1600’s at 6:50 pace.

Such a good workout has been known to give me bad dreams.  In my mind 7:00 pace sounds doable;  6:50 pace sounds scary.

But I figured with MFP in charge, I could just hang on for dear life and force myself to get through the workout.

The one condition was that MFP was not allowed to yell at me to keep up if I fell behind.

Our first repeat clocked in at 6:39.  MFP was disappointed, because he thought we were supposed to hit 6:30, which is all kinds of wrong in my book.

“Six fifty!”  I exclaimed.  “I can’t run a 6:39!”

“Well, it looks like you just did!”

We got in three more at around 6:42 pace before we had to book it home to get Oldest to his cross country practice.

I finished the workout on the treadmill, where somehow a 6:40 seemed easy.

I suppose I have been in this kind of shape before, but it has been a long, long time.

So, anyway, back to yesterday and the arrival of my clothes.  I was inspired to clean the entire house in my Roga shorts, but sadly I never got to the laundry.

For me the laundry is like the fifth table back in my college waitressing days.  (I had to put all of it up on sofas yesterday to vacuum the room.)

If I had a four table section I could make tons of money and take care of everyone really well.  But if I had a fifth table, forget it.  Everything fell apart.  I just had to ignore their silly requests for things like water refills or dessert, because it just wasn’t possible to take really good care of five tables all at once.

And so this is the story of the laundry at my house.  The kitchen is perfect.  The beds are all made.  The house is vacuumed.  The windows are shiny and clean.

But the laundry remains.  In heaps.  All around the den.  Always.

With five runners who change clothes at least twice a day, I just never get around to folding eighteen pairs of Dri-Fit shorts and fifty pairs of compression socks every day.  It puts me in the weeds.

And anyway, I get distracted parenting the children.


After all, just answering their questions is like a full-time job.

(Even if they just seem to be Yuppie-in-training sort of questions sometimes.)

So the Oiselle Roga shorts were perfect for vacuuming.  They were just the right length, so that when I had to bend over pick up, say a Lego or a cast-off Cheerio, I didn’t embarrass myself.  In addition, I did not chafe from moving swiftly about the house so that I could finish all of the rugs before track practice.

And even better than that, I wore them today for my 10 glorious “nothing” miles and then I came home and immediately answered more questions from my children.  Today’s were more about the Zimmerman trial, doping in track and field, and the correct use of the word obnoxious, instead of about coffee.  (Generally when I walk in the door from a run I cannot wait to tear off my sweaty clothes.)

Yet today I sat calmly in my Oiselle outfit and discussed racial profiling, EPO and how it is improper to describe another family member with a word that begins with o and ends in s.

And all the while I am thinking, this is how the other half lives.  They move from one activity to another without even considering their shorts.

And they do it all while sipping a Latte, their clean laundry folded neatly inside their drawers.


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