When the going gets tough, the tough run in circles


Now he’s even bringing a pillow into his need for post-run slumber.

Do you ever have those days when you are like, “dude I am getting dumped on left and right around here…”

As the person in the supportive role for everyone else in my family, I am literally the one who receives everyone’s emotional load day in and day out.

If someone doesn’t make the basketball team.  If someone has a running injury.  If the work day was stressful.  Blah. Blah. Blah.  You know what I mean.

I can handle it. But only if I get to run off all that anxiety, and in essence sweat it back out in to the universe.


I took Oldest to the doctor yesterday to see about his upper right buttock, which has been bothering him and preventing him from running for the last week or so.   I love saying “see about his” because it reminds me of my southern grandmother.

“We’ll have to go let the doctor see about this…”

Anyway, we thought we got it fixed up, but it turns out that he can’t run again today.


It’s  not at all stressful that he isn’t running at the moment.


Anyway, the doctor had one of these posters to inspire us while we were waiting.  These posters are the old fashioned Pinterest.  A nice path, the sun’s rays and an inspirational quote.

“You can do it.  Keep going.  Do good things.  Stop getting injured.”

I need to hang about twenty of these posters in every room in my house, though doing so would probably inspire a severe bought of nausea more than anything else.  I should be careful.

But yes, this week was full of challenges and I met each one with a smile on my face.

I just happen to run in circles instead of calling up Jim Beam to help me cope.


(Besides being a shut-in, he has also stopped grooming himself.  We have to brush and bathe him ourselves.  To his credit he is almost 18 years old.  He’s had enough of all that licking I suppose.)

And don’t forget that I also personify my pets.

Buster here is our cat who is basically a shut-in.  If he comes out of our bedroom it is simply to slap Charlie on the nose.

If we put him outside he sits on a ledge and meows quite loudly until we come get him and put him back in our bedroom.  (We don’t want anyone to call the cops.)


The one thing that he still does is pose for pictures since he is jealous of how much air time Charlie gets on the blog.

“This is my ‘The Thinker.’  What do you think?”


But back to healthy blog talk.

Yesterday I loaded up on fruits, vegetables and other healthy fare at Costco before I ran into quite the dilemma.

Our Costco is crazy-busy, particularly towards the end of the week, because Angelenos are both heavy drinkers (the traffic gets to you) and entrepreneurs.  (They sell Snickers bars and Coca-Colas at the park on the weekends and make 500% profit.)

It’s impressive how much stuff one can fit on one of those massive rolling carts.

Anyway, I usually feel completely stressed while I am loading my car up with the stuff that is most likely going to make my kids angry with me (chia gels anyone?).

That is because five cars are waiting for me to hurry up and load my chia gels as quickly as possible because they need my space RIGHT THIS MINUTE.  After all, there is vodka that needs to purchased!  The weekend is nigh!

So yesterday as I am loading my last item, which was not chia gels, I found the checker’s name tag in the bottom of my cart. The kind with a bar code that they use to clock in and clock out every day.

I looked at the cars waiting for my spot, I looked back at the name tag.  I think, “Oh, Mark is going to be so pissed that he lost his nametag.  I should take it back to him!”

But then I look at the cars waiting for me to get my you-know-what out of the way so that they can get their vodka.

And I’m like, “what do I do?  Do I save Mark’s job?  Or do I let Lucinda get her vodka ASAP?”

Long story short, I took Mark back his name tag, and I was all like, “Lucinda, you drink too much anyway.  Calm yourself down.  Perhaps you should go for a run, girl!”

And speaking of running, instead of going on and on about my mundane life as a SAHM in my alcoholic entrepreneurial city, I will share some running-related links with you:

Here is a good article about easy running from Competitor.com.

In Defense of the Easy Run

Misconceptions abound when it comes to easy running. Such training is often thought of as unnecessary, filler mileage. Many new runners believe that these days can be considered optional because they don’t provide any real benefits. Don’t be fooled; easy mileage plays a vital role in a runner’s development. Every run doesn’t need to be—and should not be—a knock-down, drag-out experience. Easy runs dole out plenty of important advantages, without any of the pain, by providing a gentler overload that can be applied in a higher volume than in SOS workouts. This keeps the body in a constant state of slight disruption, keeping you from getting injured while simultaneously forcing your body to adapt to stress to increase fitness. (source)

Common Limiting Factors in the Marathon from Running Times

Q and A with Lauren Fleshman

And finally a song that it just perfect for those easy runs discussed above:


And finally a Big Giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mother!

Have a great weekend!

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