A sweaty day at the track


Taking a day off is always hard to do, but I had plenty of company yesterday, as Charlie followed me from room to room as I did my interval vacuuming  (sitting breaks on the floor are a must).


I took yesterday off to prepare my legs for a new workout, one that I’ve never done before and one that scares me right out of my Roga shorts.

The workout called for 10-12 x 400 with a minute rest in between.

Like, I don’t do 400’s.  The shortest I ever run is 800. 

But since I am training for a 10K, I convinced myself to try this workout.  At least try.

I ran the first one in 1:24 and felt like I might die afterwards.  I instinctively knew that there would be NO WAY I could pull off eleven more at that pace.

So I ran the second one in 1:27, the third in 1:28.

I settled in to 1:30 and stayed there for the last five (I tend to be a metronome).


Today was a “take your shirt off” kind of day.  Plus, the soccer team wasn’t there, making it a bit easier to disrobe.  (I ran with friends, which was great.)


(These water fountains were my only source of hydration.  Gross.)

As with any new workout, despite the nasty water and humid conditions, it was hard.  My first four 400’s felt horrible; I’m just not used to going fast.  Ever.


Luckily my high school child saved me, as he had left his AP Calculus binder at home and needed me to bring it to school ASAP.  (I think his lack of running has affected his ability to stay organized.)

I cut my 10-12 400’s down to 8, though I felt like I could have finished the entire workout without too much difficulty.

What I loved about the 400’s, despite the pain they caused, was that they mimicked that same feeling you get at the end of a shorter race when you really need to pick it up a bit, but your legs have turned to stone and your shoulders feel like someone has tied them back and added 50 pound weights to either side.

But you have to just throw your elbows back, pick up your knees, close your eyes, and kick it in anyway.

I love that.  In a sick sort of way.


After my quick trip to the high school, I came home and half-heartedly did some strength work.  I am trying to work on gaining some leg muscle over here.  (Some booty muscle would be nice too.)

And I figured that if  I’m going to be sore tomorrow anyway, I mind as well add in a few lunges and get a bigger bang (or butt) for my buck.

Sadly I could only do one set of reps of all of the exercises.

So even though I may be sore tomorrow, and I will no doubt be hobbling through my recovery run, I love knowing that I am getting closer and closer to my goal of breaking 3:30 in the marathon with every single one of these lung-busting workouts.


In the meantime, just as Youngest does,  I will enjoy a bit of  downtime with Charlie, who you can always depend on to be the a star student in the recovery department.

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