Beauty, the beach and butter


(Don’t you love the towel imprint on my skin?  Nice.)

I don’t know what it is about the beach, but it is one of two places that induces narcolepsy besides my bed.

I can fall asleep while someone is cutting my hair.  I can fall asleep on the beach.

I cannot fall asleep anywhere else because I am a total control freak and so I get all hyped up on adrenaline even when I am completely exhausted if I am the least bit afraid that anything could go slightly awry when I close my eyes.


But the beach has the power to soothe my overly active mind, and for that I am grateful.

Following my overly active runs lately I have been making what I like to call a “healthy pop tart.”


I toast one of these whole wheat flatbreads.


As soon as I get it out of the toaster, I spread almond butter and strawberry jam over it, cut it in half and then put it back together.

I usually butter the outside because it can be a bit on the cardboard-like side if I don’t.  (You could also use coconut butter or some other healthier option to soften it up a bit.)


I couldn’t find the butter anywhere yesterday, however.

Until I did.  Charlie had jumped up and snagged a whole stick of it off of the counter while the whole family was off running yesterday.

I thought he had eaten the stick in its entirety, but later discovered a suspicious mound of something yellow sticking out from under a sofa pillow.

Anyhow, I didn’t enjoy my fake pop tart very much after that.


What I have been enjoying immensely is pool running.

I usually jump in and do it for about twenty minutes after the super-hot runs that have been cut short due to unusually high temperatures.


Today, however, I decided to push on through the mileage, since my upcoming 10k will most likely have to be run in hot, sticky weather anyway.

I ran 10 miles very slowly mid-morning with plenty of water breaks.

MFP says that I shouldn’t take pictures of myself when I am all sweaty and gross like that.



And even though running 10 miles in the heat isn’t necessarily smart, it is certainly not something you do when you are super concerned with how you look. 

And the last time I checked this isn’t a beauty blog anyway.

If it were I would at comb my hair, put on a bit of makeup and refrain from sweating all over the camera lens.

And wear better clothes, and get a fake tan, and get highlights, and…

The list would go on and on.

In fact, if this were a beauty blog I would be so exhausted from getting beautified that I could probably sleep anywhere, anytime.

For now I will stick to my bed, the beach and the hair salon…


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