Not quite ready to roll


In proving that MFP has a strange sense of humor, I found this catalog by the coffee pot this morning at 5 a.m. when I couldn’t bear to sleep another wink.

The truth is I feel much better after my over-the-top-dramatic illness.  I don’t get sick often, but boy when I do it’s all “go big or go home.” 


Wish I had a better story to tell when people ask how I scraped my face.

I ran four easy miles this morning as I had gotten a text from my mother a few minutes before the run warning me to take it easy.

Today would have been the perfect day to run had I not been ill.  The temperature has finally dropped down into the 80’s for the high each day.


Regardless of the beautiful weather, I was still toast after four miles. 

I am eating pretty well again, but I am still not able to take in as many calories as I need to run good mileage. 

I honestly don’t think I will be myself again for a few more days, so for now I will rest up, eat as much as I can, and obsess over other things besides running.


Like my lab reports from my hospital visit.

The doctor said he released me early because my lab work came back looking so strong that there couldn’t possibly be anything wrong with me.

So I am researching further what all of this means, because I like to have more ammunition for when people ask me how I get all my nutrients without eating any meat.

“Well, I happen to have my lab reports right here.  Looks like I’m doing fine…And just so you know, I also got these numbers without shopping at Whole Foods once.”

(I do pass out in parking lots sometimes, though.)


I am also obsessing over what I am going to wear now that the temps have dipped below 100 degrees.

I might have to get me some long pants.  Or a sweater.

And perhaps I can finally cover up these abs for a long winter’s rest, as I won’t have to expose them to the world during my long, hot sweaty runs.  What a freaking relief.

For now none of that matters, as I am a few days away from really caring too much about my running goals again.

Which means that my house will get clean, I will answer emails promptly and the clothes that are in the laundry pile that is on the den sofa will migrate back to the drawers in which they belong, all folded and neat and stuff.

I should do this sort of thing sparingly, of course. 

For I don’t want anyone to get used to it.

Have a great day!


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