The wisest kid in the whole world?


These days are jam-packed with meetings, cross country practices and meets, and more shopping trips than care to admit.

Often the entire fall season flies by at an accelerated pace, and by October I am a mumbling idiot on most days with a slew of post-it notes and reminder emails helping me to hold everything together.

I even go through my to-do lists out loud on the car rides around town in the afternoons while I drop off and pick up kids.

The other day I was doing this and Youngest decided to impart his years of wisdom on me.

I was saying, to myself, or anyone listening,  “I have to drop the library books off, pick up some Solo cups for  a party and then make sure I print out the directions to this weekend’s meet…I also have to pick up the dry-cleaning and respond to that email about the CPR class…I can’t forget to respond because the deadline is tomorrow…”

I turned to Youngest, who was looking at me with a furrowed brow.

“Mom, you will remember.  If you don’t forget.”

And I was like, wow, that was brilliant!

How simple was his phrase, but oh so true.  If I didn’t forget, then I would remember.  You can even turn the phrase around and it still rings true.

Sometimes when we are zooming around town the wisest among us are the children, who take a backseat and watch us try to cope with our first world problems.

So I decided to share his wisdom with The Wisest Kid in the Whole World widget which enabled me to then share this phrase with all of my family and friends on social media.  I mean, don’t we all need to know that we will remember, if we don’t forget?

You can click on the widget above and contribute your kid’s brilliance as well.  Or their humor, or whatever else they say that gives you pause in your busy day.

Plus, there is also the fact that the Wisest Kid in the Whole World is an expert what makes your kid happy.  With recipes from the Campbell’s Kitchen that you could never dream of coming up with on your own, you can also get ideas from him about how you might make that wise kid in your backseat smile with an afternoon snack that is right up his or her alley.

Youngest is partial to an old-fashioned bowl of good old fashioned Chicken Noodle Soup, but your wise guy might find some of the other recipes more interesting.  Buffalo Chicken Casserole, anyone?

On the other hand Oldest and Middle will pretty much eat anything you put in front of them, so I could click on any given recipe and light up their after-school faces.

And if I get it all together one day soon, and actually get a little further down my to-do list, I just might spend some of that extra time that I am remembering rather than forgetting baking up some Sheperd’s Pies, or Apple Strudel’s, or some Coconut Tomato Red Curry….


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