Time for some rest

As some of you know, I finally succumbed to the flu last week.  Though I am feeling much better, I predict I have at least a week left of coughing, needing an afternoon nap and downing a Nyquil to get a good night of sleep.

I am still training, albeit it slowly; however, my house is a mess, my husband is disgruntled, and my kids are over seeing mommy not feeling well.

So, I am going to take a few days off from blogging and concentrate on resting, running slowly and getting my life back to normal.  (I can’t really take the week off of parenting, you know?)

I feel blessed to have you guys checking in here on a daily basis to keep up with my running/parenting antics. I want to produce material that is amusing, instead of what would surely become a daily litany of post-flu complaints from a SAHM (yawn!). 

So on that note I will be back when all of the Nyquil has worn off!

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