Something else


We drove our minivan full of our three little boys across the country back in 2006, and the thing that I remember most clearly about the trip was Youngest, who was 2 at the time, whining from his carseat behind me: “I want something else…” I have no idea what the something else ever was, […]

Checking off my to-do list


Like everyone and their brothers, I hate the taper, though I won’t bore you with tales of being bloated and a bit manic. Instead, I will share with you a few pictures of what I’ve been doing now that I’m not running 24/7 trying to reach my 80 mpw goal every week. I finally replaced […]

A little annoyed and a pleasure read


I am just checking in, from my place in line here at Big Lots to tell you a few things that I keep forgetting to share.  (I am only in line at Big Lots in spirit.) I really can’t with the pyramid scheme workout club.  I won’t mention any names, because I genuinely like and […]