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Track weekend, an anecdote and a uniform

The weekend was spent at various tracks around Southern California.  I am sunburned, my voice is hoarse and I am dehydrated…all signs of a good time. Meanwhile Zelda stayed home with MFP and helped clean up the house.  She gets pretty excited when he mops the dining room floor because she gets to sleep in the upside down chairs. We did get the chance to dash out for some tapas on Saturday night.  There wasn’t a drop of food left anywhere on our table.  Except…

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The donut incident

(source) There I was, sitting in my car, my boys looking on in horror as I pushed the last bite of a massive chocolate donut into my mouth. “Mom! I have never seen you do anything like this before!” The older one and the younger one smiled at each other. “Well, boys, it’s marathon training season. Things will likely get uglier than this.” “I have never seen anyone finish one of those big ones!” They looked at each other, their mouths agape. After my long…

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