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Training just because it feels good and a lazy dog


I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in Charlie.  He has been lounging around all week long since the boys started back to school, not even feigning nostalgia for the wild days of summer when they were creating chaos in his midst all day long.  He doesn’t even pretend to miss them.  He snores, eats, takes another nap, eats again.  It’s pathetic.

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Sending them off and I couldn’t stop running

It is always with mixed emotions that I send my three boys back off to the institution known as school each August. Tomorrow the madness begins again.

Though I will look back at this summer with fondness, (mostly) I am more than ready for a bit more structure in my daily life.  And also some peace and freaking quiet.

Obviously I leaned back quite a bit from my own interests in the past few months; simultaneously I was kicking a$% in the domestic side of life.  This mom stuff is the hardest work of all, and I really buckled down and took care of business in that regard.  I felt it was time to lock down again on the behavior front in anticipation of sending two off to high school and the other off to his next-to-the-last-year of elementary school.

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The boys are looking for trouble: somebody please help me


(Middle is wearing red.  He doesn’t look like he is about to sit down when he runs.)

When I wasn’t looking spring sprung and brought with it our practice track meet (I coach and serve as Director of Communications for our club) and spring break.  In other words, the time of year when the house falls apart around me is here!

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Advice in two bullet points

So I mentioned a few days ago that we have recently added another runner to our group. She is newly married and totally adorable.  She also doesn’t have kids.  Yet.

So I was thinking, as we were all running along using curse words, talking about some of our worst moments as mothers, complaining about our husbands and targeting marathons based on how long we would get to be away from our families, I wondered:  what must she think of us?

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These pants are out of control


We kicked off the weekend with a single moment of brilliance, as MFP and I finally figured out a parenting strategy to cope with the twisty arguments of Oldest.

I had agreed to help with the middle school track practice, and MFP had some car repair things to take care, but for the moment we had a relatively calm house as Oldest had begrudgingly attended a tempo workout for the upcoming track season.

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