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Chaos, kittens and my training roundup


After another busy weekend of cross country, homecoming and general chaos, Monday morning already feels like a bit of a break. The kitten, who we are naming Zelda, continues to intrigue my three boys.  She has all of them in the palm of her paws. I admit I was a little reticent about her arrival, mainly because I feel like I am topped off in the worry-about-other-beings department.  However,  she cuddled up beside me on her first night here and has been my constant sleeping…

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One of those weeks


First of all, I don’t know what’s happened to my dog. He has become a bed-hopper. He’s like a doggie Goldilocks or something.  I find him in a different bed every day. Or it could be that he is sad that is partner in crime has left him for a few days to go to science camp. I’m certainly very sad. And also I am just hating putting in the miles as well.  Hating.  I think of a million things I could be doing besides…

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