Sore quads and refueling with cake


Zelda is a crazy cat, but we love her to pieces. Youngest turned 11 the other day, so we got him a set of wheels so that he can continue chasing his older brothers at a breakneck pace. My youngest child is 11! So there has been a lot of celebrating this week.  Running has […]

May is for madness


I’ll explain later…but just looking at these steps makes me cringe right now. But first:  some pet comic relief.  Charlie hates hot weather days, and tends to get himself in strange positions around the house as a result. Seriously.  I am so over child proofing after raising three boys.  Does she really have to push […]

Use injustice to fuel your fire


First, a few words of advice regarding the college application process: Burn all of the marketing materials that arrive in your mailbox each day from elite colleges. Oldest received glossy catalogs from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, Columbia and Stanford, among others.  They all came with letters saying that he looked like a great candidate for […]